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My Written Reflections
By Mary K. Mennenga

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1.      My Dream
2.      My Dearest love
4.      Without hope
5.      Love is not blind
6.      At what cost
9.      Life as I see it
10.  Why not!
12.  "Words"
40. Honey
43. Friends
53. Why is it when...?

About the Author

What I've written is about lessons I've learned throughout my life. As well as the pit falls, I've had to overcome to become the person I’m capable of living with. For me it’s more about learning from the choices I've made in my past no matter the result. That my choices and the effect of those choices are how I've learned the difference between what I need and that I want. I've learned over time all I want is what I need. It has diminished the amount of baggage I carry within me. A few of my writing have been inspired by friends who have helped bring my thoughts together by they’re actions or inaction.

My writing aren't just about just one person it’s more about similarities of everyone I've known or interacted with throughout my life. I didn't start writing in this format until 2007. Everything came from my journals that I have kept since I was in 7th grade. Every ten or fifteen years I would condense them because the volume of the pages and amount of space it took. It has always been a way of reflection for me. Over the years I started to see tends. I had only kept how major events had changed the way I looked at what was important in my life.

On September 12th 2001 I was diagnosis with multiple sclerosis it was a change in my life I didn't see coming. I started to understand why I felt I wasn't able to enjoy some of the things I loved doing. It amazed me how quickly my outlook on life changed. It became more about what I could do instead of what I was unable to do. Writing became a way of putting into prospective no matter how many abilities I lost. I’m willing to make the adjustment needed so I’m able to do as much as I can with what I got.This is a collection of my life’s reflections. I've learned the most important pieces of my life are the relationships I have with my family and the people I care about. Making sure to take my time and not rush because time does slip away so quickly. Forgetting how precious time is and the memories made are. Because in the end it’s how I judge my life and the quality of it! Mary Kathryn Mennenga