Monday, April 3, 2017

I learned in August I have Cancer.

2016 started out great! Nacho and I were doing a lot of walking, on track to walk over 600+ miles. On August 11th I learned I have "HER2" positive infiltrating ductal carcinoma with insufficient inflammatory components. The Nottingham grade 3 of 3 with a score 8 of 9. It's a fast growing form of cancer. Nacho and I spent time reinforcing his training. Before my scheduled surgery on September 16th for a Bilateral Mastectomy. The recovery was slow, walking with Nacho was the best therapy for me. We started out walking around the block, on the 25th we walked our first mile, I was even happier then Nacho Man was! By the time I started the infusion process, on the 20th of October. Nacho and I had walked 42 miles starting to feel good. 

Started the generic form of Herceptin Trastuzumab that uses a chemo-drug for delivery on October 20th. This will be done every three week's for one year. Normally this is used along with up to 4 other Chemo-drug's because of my m.s. doing that, would likely activate my immune system, causing a worst outcome. Very little research done on doing it this way, it was my only option  Being stage 2 and fast growing it's worth a shot.

Asked how would we know it's working? Doctor the cancer doesn't come back, the flip side is, if it comes back, there nothing else we can do. After Thursday I'll be half way done, have a few side effects drinking a lot of water helps. Doing blood test making sure my numbers are good. After my third treatment the vein's in my arms could not be used, so I had to have a port put in.
Nacho and I did walk 600 Miles in 2016, hope we can match that again this year.

Nacho the Santa dog!

I've found staying positive, is easier. When I look forward instead of looking over my shoulder. I don't want to trip over a small stone in front of me now!

Monday, May 23, 2016

My second Birthday to fall on Mothers day.

This time I spent it here at home, walking Nacho and just hanging out at home. It was a good day, many people wished me a Happy birthday on Facebook, that was nice. One friend put a nice looking cake, another had a bit of fun with a cake with candles on it burning in a way that looked like huge fire. Sad part was the Fire in Canada, it gave us some colorful sunsets, I did take some pictures.

Didn't see the smoke until after the sun was on the other side of it, last I heard it's under control not sure if it's out or not.

Nacho loves the nice long walks we've been taking, not a fan of having his picture taken. He is a sweet dog being a big black dog does not stop him from making new doggy friends. Nacho still points at the rabbits he see's, I say "leave it" most of the time we move on our way. 

At this point Birthdays are reminders of the history I've witnessed. My goodness how things have changed, not all for the good or bad. Life is so different now, in someways it's harder to tell what's real.
Reading the label on a loaf of bread at the store, should it still be called bread, when flour isn't one of the first 4 ingredients? Did my own test on a loaf after 2 weeks passed it's use by date, didn't show any signs of mold, another 2 week later no change. Week 5 the bag was wet still no sign of mold! Sorry that's not bread, Now I get bread where it's made fresh every day!