Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Nacho and I enjoying spring

    Not looking forward to the HEAT of summer. We've only needed to use the Cooling Towel once, thankfully the tree are starting to offer more shade. Here are a few from Spring,  to clarify April smashed the record of snowiest month ever. May also broke a record of earliest 100 degrees day in history

Yes this picture was taken in May

Nacho and I have been enjoying, morning and Sunset walk's. Finding way's to beat the heat.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I enjoy winter, I draw the line at a Blizzard in mid-April

Winter in Minnesota
Is our longest season

Once the blanket of snow covers the ground, our neighborhood goes into dark and white. Thankfully the holidays are full of bright colored lights after New year the Christmas decoration are taken down, many of the lights stay up and on at night. Until the blanket of snow is no more. Nature wakes from it's winters sleep, to show us all the wonders and colors it holds. Happens twice a year.

This is a slideshow of our three day Blizzard 52 hours of snow.
Our forth longest winter also, the most snow fall in April on record.

Had the Super Bowl here, show casing all the winter stuff we do, outside even if it's -20 below.

A few of the Eagles fan's learned Minnesota nice only goes so far.
Some got to spend a night or two in jail.
Some even took out seat's, most got caught camera's all over the place. Most of the Eagle's Fans were nice.

Nature, Mother Nature! Is the most powerful force on Earth.
It's the only home we have.