Sunday, May 6, 2018

I enjoy winter, I draw the line at a Blizzard in mid-April

Winter in Minnesota
Is our longest season

Once the blanket of snow covers the ground, our neighborhood goes into dark and white. Thankfully the holidays are full of bright colored lights after New year the Christmas decoration are taken down, many of the lights stay up and on at night. Until the blanket of snow is no more. Nature wakes from it's winters sleep, to show us all the wonders and colors it holds. Happens twice a year.

This is a slideshow of our three day Blizzard 52 hours of snow.
Our forth longest winter also, the most snow fall in April on record.

Had the Super Bowl here, show casing all the winter stuff we do, outside even if it's -20 below.

A few of the Eagles fan's learned Minnesota nice only goes so far.
Some got to spend a night or two in jail.
Some even took out seat's, most got caught camera's all over the place. Most of the Eagle's Fans were nice.

Nature, Mother Nature! Is the most powerful force on Earth.
It's the only home we have.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My walk's with Nacho

 In 2017
 In March of 2017 Nacho and I started walking almost every day. I had finally healed enough, I was sick of too many limitations because of the double mastectomy. Mainly because my forearms hold my weight as I'm walking.  Finally was told I no longer had limitations. Nacho loved it our first walk over 4 mile's, I was wiped out it felt great I missed those long walks!
     Chemo was every 3 weeks, slowed me down at first. Nacho loved going for a walk everyday, helped me too all that fresh air, living in the city not real fresh. Summer came and went so fast, the miles really started adding up. 

I've been keeping track of the amount of time and distance for 4 year's on Map my Walk. 2017 was a recording setting year, for Nacho and I. We walked a total of 872 miles taking 356 hours 0r almost 15 day's, taking 294 walks. I'll admit, walking was and is really the one active thing I can do without increasing pain or wearing myself out. Without Nacho and my walker, don't think I would have made it through to recovery. Nacho and I walking got me out to see all the reasons to continue being positive. Almost fell into that old trap of looking backward, at everything I lost. I did glance behind me and saw the tall grass hiding the nay sayers I left behind, the rocks and boulders that littered the pathway to where I am now. Too many have been lost to cancer, Thankfully the number of survivor's are growing. 

I'm sure if you took a glance behind you would likely see what I saw as well. We are all fighting, battles not many can see. Only because we put on that  smile  with  eyes  bright,  sadly can be held for a time, long enough to hold back the looks of pity we see. Those near and dear to us understand, we are where we want and need to be. 

Hope this works adding video of Nacho and my walk's
of 2017