Thursday, January 5, 2012

# 36 and #37 Reflections of 1980

June 1980
By Mary K. Mennenga

If you set your mind to anything
You can do it or it will never happen
That's all up to you
Anything you do must first be learned
Some times doing without feeling
When you feel like praying it's easy
When you don't it's hard to start
But when you make the move to start
You know that's what you needed
Knowing what you need
Is the first step in learning
How to take care of you

This is #37 from the same year. As I read it now I'm not so sure, that parts of it didn't come from something I had read. So I'm unwilling to say that I wrote this. 

One Man?
By Unsure

When your looking for something you need
But you just can't seem to find it don't lose hope
Be steadfast continue your searching
One Man
Once looked for love but was hated
He was fair and kind
But he was judged for sins he didn't commit
and lies he never told
For these he was an Innocent Man
But was put to death
With his death 
He gave us each a gift
Of grace and all we need is faith
This is what one man did
To give us a choice 


Kim @ Stuff could... said... Man!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Kim@, Glad you like it, have a great weekend.