Saturday, November 5, 2011

#33 relfections Misunderstanding

Misunderstanding it's not a choice
By Mary K. Mennenga

It's your life to live
The choices made from this point on aren't going to be easy
Priorities will need adjusting to allow for more flexibility
Realizing there is a way around or through any obstacle
That lands in the path when willing to think outside the box
Everyone has limitations no one is alone
In needing to deal with limitations of the mind and body
 Because no one does something the way you do
There is no right or wrong about it
Instead it's finding a way around a limitation
To do what needs doing done
Having been independent, self-reliant letting go of control
Is a process that takes time adjusting to!
With understanding and patience from everyone
And yes that applies to us most of all
Because you aren't in control of what's taken from you
Trusting your own decisions is hard
Fear by it's self will stop the ability to reason things through
Thought into action isn't what it used to be
With the lines of communications spotty at best and or blocked
Very little is automatic about us
It's by trial and error, we get anything done
It's not about wanting or needing to do something
It's if able to do anything
Finding anyone outside of  M.S. to understand this is rare indeed
For the few that took the time to understand
I truly want to thank you 


Peace Be With You said...

Well said.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is a process that takes time to adjust to...well said, I agree with Judy

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Judy and Kim@, Thank you both so much. mkm