Thursday, September 27, 2012

The growing season here has ended.

Putting the garden to rest for this year, is a sad day! It was a killing frost for my garden, with the temperatures only getting into the sixty's for highs, the wind blowing in dryer and colder air with so little moisture. The battle wasn't worth the energy I would use, to get such a small reward. As the sun moves south, I start thinking to next years garden not this year took out the compost bin, it's too big and more work then I'm able to deal with. Next year I'll do my herb's and add in some ground cover and perennial's that are less work, of course my potted flowers. Time to cut back a bit on a few things I do in the heat of summer, with my energy levels dropping so much in the heat of summer. 
Having Nacho who is a joy having around, he is fill out and getting stronger and bigger every day, thankfully hes taking the training very well. Still he is a puppy who loves chewing on his toys, now many no longer have stuffing in them but he still plays with them. Skyli came over last Saturday for a play date with Nacho they both had a great. Nacho treats Skyli more like his mom. Jane and Joyce took them both for a walk, I was glad for I needed a rest.

Most of the time I'm eating real food but I still need to go back to liquids for a few day's or a week at most, no need to worry my doctor is watching my levels closely and so far it's all good. Still my heat muscle is going into spasms not as strong or as long. There is nothing wrong with my heart, of course like most crap it all starts in my M.S. brain. The good part is I'm under 150 pounds for the first time in years! It's much easier getting around this way!
Have a question I want need to ask. Has one had or heard of a dog, that begs and I do mean the whole nine yards, with crying, whining acting as if he'll die a horrible death if he doesn't get some of those, raw vegetables carrots, cucumbers? In my life I for one have never seen a dog go nut's for raw vegetable! Nacho loves them just as much if not more then his dog treats!  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Life is a path decided by the choices we make.

If I were to count all the kindness I've been shown, kind words told to me. The times I've needed someone, to understand and someone was there.
At times in my life, the opposite has also been true. As I pushed people away with words and actions to show I didn't care or really need them, even if I did. Of course it worked great soon they were all gone, it's the same result each time.
So I talk to space and time it can not help me. Watching clouds float by, realizing the words I didn't say, the things I let slip by.
The fear I allowed to stop me is part of the reason why, I stopped telling people how I felt. Telling myself I didn't want anyone's pity or to see me as weak even though I know I am.
Over the years many of the people I called friends, I've pushed them away, for so long they have given up. A few knew and called me on it, so instead I held on to them tighter, after awhile they also were gone. Now I don't blame them at all, I put up a wall so thick and tall, no way they could see or hear me. 

Knowing and understanding why I did and still do this. Some see it as flaw, a way of letting some one go, before anyone can be really hurt by the other. The friendship in a way doesn't really end, each may still sent a Christmas card or call one another once a year or not at all for years. Then out of the blue one gets in touch with the other and soon that old friendship is renewed. History repeating it's self again so it's better to let be what it is until it isn't. One day we may met again on the road of life. One never really knows what the future may hold. There are so many choices that must be made, that may change the path of life we are on. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big dog toy shopping for Nacho.

All the toys we had were for smaller dog's, Nacho made short work  of removing stuffing and the squeakers didn't have a chance, Oh the horror of it all with pieces part's of each everywhere! Some were every old with half of the stuffing taken out of them long ago.

Nacho came with to help pick out his new toys, when we got home I started removing the tags and tossing each one into the living room, he talked and chewed each of them. Got him two new bigger balls that he can't push under the fence! Okay I'll admit I got them for me! Getting down to grab them wasn't much fun for me. Nacho has been sleeping for a few hours, hes so cute when he sleeps, his feet move like hes run after something. Softly I'll tell him to get them and his and his feet will move faster. The man of house is awake time to go out and play some more. Nacho is a joy to be around, to him things are something to eat or to play with and later try to find out if there's something to eat inside of it!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Scanned in old pictures of dogs.

These are some pictures of the dogs in my life, all have a special place in my heart. The negatives for these pictures are long gone with the passage of time. Making some one of a kind, the same can be said about each dog I've known.

Honey Girl
We got her when we moved to Wisconsin, she took to training like a champ house broken in two weeks. Border training was a must living in country with wild animals like  Bear, Bobcat's, and many other's. Deer and dog's where we lived was a problem because some people trained dog's to chase deer, making it easier to hunt by having the dog's chase the deer toward the hunting party! Like hunting isn't easy enough, having a gun! So if your dog is seen chasing a deer it can be shot on sight! The border training took only two months, we lived there for 13 years. Over the years the deer learned she would only go so far. Honey Girl would sit there barking for me to come out, so she could go over the border line. The Deer stood there eating teasing her because her back was to me I'd let the screen door slam, so she would turn to see me by the time she turned back around the deer were gone into the woods. She would follow me everywhere, with one exception the road when I went to the mail box. 

6 weeks old

Honey at 6 months
At age 13

The many faces
Of Honey Girl

The first Christmas in our house

Rusty and me 1972

Heidi was my dad's hunting dog, My dad taught Heidi how jump over the fence, bad part was he used our back yard fence to train her. Not long after that she was gone. Sorry no picture of her.
Rusty found me where I was 10 years old, becoming a part of our family. The name I gave him didn't stick thank goodness, didn't know the name I'd picked was a word you want to be yelling to a dog. My cousin Peter if I remember right was the one helped find a better name so I called Rusty and he turned around and looked at me. Not long after that I learned what name meant. Peter thank you so much! No I will not say what I wanted to call him. Rusty was a really great dog, we all loved him very much. Rusty had a few major flaws the ones I remember the most are.
Was him running away, don't how many times Mom had to get him from the dog pound but it was a lot. When Mom found out Rusty would just jump into the cage! Mom said she wasn't going pay to get him again! But she did many more times she loved him too!
My brothers and I would be watching T.V. when Mom would say ouey, ouey (ouch) and Rusty would start barking and chewing on mostly my brother's elbow, after we all calmed down asking why did she do that, she said "I thought you kids maybe getting bored.
One Christmas our cousin asked if he could feed Rusty who was feed one piece at a time or he would get sick, making it fun by balancing one on his nose, telling okay. After awhile my cousin asked how much does he eat? Mom didn't answer him instead she asked him how much have you given him? He answered with a number that I don't recall  I think it was between 3-5, normally Rusty got one pouch twice a day. All Mom said was that's enough. When Mom was asked why didn't you yell at him for feeding the dog way too much? Mom said "Because I didn't tell him how much to feed Rusty. It's really my fault, not his."

For me being the youngest and having a dog was great I was never lonely. Rusty never told me what to do or push me away because I was too little. Mean for no reason and fly off the handle. He listened to me even when I knew I wasn't making any sense. When I cried he gave me kisses would lay his head , always ready to play and rough house without hurting me. Guess that's why I get along with animals much better then I do most people, it's not sad it's the truth and I'm really okay with that.          

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nacho who has come to us from Greece

This is Nacho
He's got here on Saturday.  

Nacho is a mixed German wired hair pointer, the breed traits are spot on. He is a quick learner, calm and friendly the best part is he loves Jane and follows her everywhere, he likes me too. Nacho is so easy going, loves being petted. Enjoys going for walks and is really good on the leash, doesn't pull well until he sees a squirrel, he'll stop point giving Jane time to tell him no! He'll keep watching but doesn't try to run or chase it. The coolest part is Jane's in charge and in control he listens to her command's and mine. Which makes me very happy. If or when I get sick again they will have each other, so I can concentrate on getting better. Jane worries so much about me, Having Nacho to keep her busy will help her, so I won't need to worry about her.
Jane was hiding and he found her, I did the same and he didn't even look for me, until Jane asked him where I was. Nacho sees Jane as the alpha of our family and I'm really okay about it because she is. Facing the truth and admitting it isn't hard, doesn't mean I have to like it. 

Nacho has decided sleeping on his bed's is better then the floor.

He has moved the dog toys so he has some on or near each of his beds, he likes tug of war, he understands fetch bringing it back needs work. He's young and doing all the fun puppy stuff. He's met Sadie Brian's dog they will be sharing the yard it went really well, Brian and Nacho got along great, Lisse and Mr. Owen came over last night that was great, Mr. O at first wasn't sure he wanted to share Jane with this pup, Mr. O realized he didn't have a choice, Jane loves both of them so he made the best of it. Mr. Owen I think knows there's no way, Nacho will fit in Jane's chair with her in it, Mr. O is a very smart guy!

As for me, I keep messing up and calling Nacho Taco Jane and others keep correcting me. The question, is it brain fog or am I hunger for Taco's? Well I've never had a dog named after food. After Jane called him Taco, she said his name is Nacho! So that's what it is, I'll work harder at calling him Nacho.

Nacho has found a home in our hearts and we have found a home in his heart.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Not a clue!!

Even when all the cards are stacked against me and everything around me goes to shit, including what I'm able and capable of doing. Yes  I get mad as heck at my body and brain for failing me yet again. Lose it from time to time, I break down and fall on the floor in pieces my will to fight is gone. After I have no more tears, realizing I'm still here and why in the heck I'm I sitting on the floor, remembering that my willingness to fight was gone, but I ain't dead. So now I have to get my rear end off the floor! Note to self! Next time don't fall on the floor, just sit in a chair! Okay I know how silly that may sound to some, if you've had pain you know what I mean. It's not about giving up, it's letting go which is much harder to do. Admitting that I have no control over what M.S. will take or do to me next. However it's still up to me how I choose to continue living my life, with the extra bumps from M.S. that gets in my way! With M.S. as my companion in life it's never dull.

It's fun working on a problem and learning different ways of doing things, the reason why isn't. Because it means M.S. has gotten in my way again and something has stopped working. One example is taking a cap off a bottle of Gatorade or water, my fingers are weak and fatigue quickly and I drop stuff a lot, so I like to keep the top on, saves me from have to clean up. Turning the cap on and off  weakened the hand I was using to turn the cap, changing hands didn't work long enough. Then it came to me use the palm of my hand to hold the cap, then spin the bottle because it bigger, easier with less turns needed to open or close. Thinking outside the box isn't a big leap when your living with M.S. Having found many good tips from people living with M.S. Learning new ways of doing old things, isn't a choice it's more of a necessity. Like after I was stuck in the bathroom for an hour because, I couldn't turn the door knob to open the door, I tried using everything but nothing worked, all I had done was make my hands weaker. So I sat on the only seat, turns out a great spot to think! By the time I was able to open the door, I had thought of two ways that might work. Both worked end up putting step tread grip on the backside of the knob, the next day I did that to every door knob in the house.

The challenges that getting older and having M.S. brings. Looking at them as                                                                                        opportunities to learn new ways of doing, what I want to keep doing. Finding that by keeping my focus on the  positive, negativity and fear isn't able to keep me down for long or as often. Facing the facts, seeing the changes to my abilities happening faster, then I can make the adjustments for. No rose colored glasses for me, nor I'm willing to make excuses for my life long companion M.S. for I have little to no control over it. Sometimes I'm able to minimize the effect it has on me and some day's I can't! So I do the best I can with what I've that works. Every day I continue to seek a balance, in my ever changing life with M.S.