Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finding the positive

Has been hard to do lately, with all the negative happening in the news, the choice of words used seems dirty now, like the poor, old and sick, children. Fitting into three of the four categories is painful leaving me to feel worthless a waste of the nations resources. What makes it even harder is hearing people are devalued by others grouping and labeling them without knowing anything about them! Ask yourself, do you know anyone who falls into one or two of the four categories of the poor, sick and old and children? Are they of zero value to you! If you don't know anyone, ask those around them if they find these people add value in some way to the community. The answer may not surprise you at all! Who started this whole 46% crap, a politician why because he wanted money to become president, he did raise a lot of money, however he lost guessing the reason was, no matter who the president is we will always have poor, sick, old and thank goodness yes children! Lets look at it from a politician's point of view, for what reason would it benefit them to divide people into groups like the rich, middle class, working poor, add in the old living on Social Security. Now lets step on sick. The one I have the most trouble with children, the future of our country? Why stop funding schools, in some states the school year has ended and will not reopen next year, don't see how anyone but a politician would understand this. The next generation without a basic education in reading, writing and math, knowledge of history, science who would gain any value from this kind of policy? Not the people. A cheap work force willing to anything to feed their children, what would happen to higher learning, going to college or would that go away too. With no one able to stand up or caring about the environment, clean air and water. The government would it be paid for by the corporations of the world, it's worked in the past could work again when people are of no value, unless they are able to work. If that's the future, glad I won't live to see it.
As for God's judgement 
God's greatest creation the world we call home 
Has already started to judge us
I do believe it has found us wanting
No matter how strong we think we are
The earth will regain its balance
With or without us
Earth recycles itself always
We really are made of stardust!
Many planets have water
The miracle of life here is rain
Yep that's it without that one thing
Life dies.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Power and money will buy you many things

The United States of America
By Mary K. Mennenga

There was a time not so long ago
We were proud of being our brother’s keeper
That the next generation did better than the last
Children are the future and the hope of all
When they fail, we all pay a price
Blaming the old, sick the poor and young
Many will agree with you
It easy to slap a label on or group them all as one
Our natural resources were life giving clean water and air
Balance between the need of nature, mankind
Both together will insure this planet is able to thrive
Humans are responsible for insuring it will remain safe for generations
We have only this world to live on
Humans are entrusted with its care.
Nature is stronger than, humans a fact proven by human history of mistakes  
Can we afford to continue being
The me and mine standing alone against the power of weather
Money and power will not fix what’s happening to our world
For its part of the cause
Greed has its price its life and freedom
The human race may continue if we choose to work together as one.
With our hearts, minds and spirit together as one
We are capable of making the sacrifices
To save the only home we have
Change is never easy
Nothing worthwhile ever is
Without clean air and water
What will happen to the human race?