Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Friday

So glad to put Thursday behind me, it started wrong with my right foot not staying on the step I put it on, didn't fall down just slammed into the half wall, back sore and twisted right ankle ouch! Not too bad I only feel if I step wrong, been dragging it around for years. Later I decided to take Nacho for a short walk, so my back didn't stiffen up, even wore my good shoes. As we walked seeing that Shannon was out one of Nacho’s girlfriends so we stopped by for a little play date, most of the play dates are when Shannon shows up at our house after she has jumped over her fence. They were having fun, for us meaning they were wearing each other out; Shannon has bones and raw hides hidden all over the yard! Of course Nacho found one with a soft wrap around it Shannon wasn't happy about it, Nacho got the soft wrap off in no time, it was at least 2 feet long he was running away from Shannon, then Sonja (Shannon’s human) and I were also trying to catch him, it was getting shorter when we caught him there was just a small piece sticking out of his mouth, I got a good hold of it pulling it out it was still in one long piece, Shannon grabbed a small piece of what I had already pulled out, Nacho bite down before I had the last bit of it out, having a foot and half it in my hand, I started looking for something tall enough to get it out of their reach, saw the grill maybe 4 feet away started for it the two had finished the little bit they had, came running at me, almost there reached out got it! Something is wrong where the heck is my left leg, tried pulling it toward me it was stuck, crap I'm going down, did manage to get my right leg under me three point landing big Ouch!! My right knee took the worst of it, I knew because I could feel it normally I can’t! Sonja came tried to pull me up, I said “NO” got to take inventory! Okay everything is facing the right way, up on my own two feet again took a step with the left good, now the right oh my that hurts! Got to my walker time to go, only a block and half to go, crap went the wrong way make that 2 blocks. Good thing was my back didn't hurt as much my right leg did. Got home iced my knee and put heat on my back, both are bruised and sore leaving a mark I’ll be okay looking forward to nice weather for the weekend Grill is ready that means I'm not the one doing the cooking!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Goodness let this be the last snowfall that needs to be shoveled!?!

Okay maybe not everyone shoveled, it was very wet snow and most of it was long gone by 3 O'clock. It's been so dry here with much of the moisture last winter came in the form of rain that did us no good, too many times every form of moisture fell within 24 hours period. With the ground being frozen it went down the drain. Didn't want to waste all that free water. So I shoveled it into the backyard and on to the front lawn so it soaked in, instead of it ending up in the river. This hopefully will be the last of the winter weather  that has overstayed it's welcome by lasting six months!
Really hope these are the last pictures I take of the cold rain and snow, that made up our winter. We have in the past gotten snow in May, so the shovels will stay at the ready until after the grass is cut at least once. Took a few more pictures.

Never walk under a tree like this as I learned, it's not just the ice that falls 
Limbs coated in ice do also! Ouch
Another lesson relearned.
Thankfully it broke when it hit me and wasn't too big!
As I was breaking up the limb another chunk of ice fell hitting me in the head
Darn good thing I'm hard headed!:-)

Mr. Owen

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 19 2013

A winter wonder land that thankfully will not last LONG!

Are we going to play in that white stuff!?! I really love that white stuff you call SNOW! 
By the way! You're taking too long, you know what happens when,

All this snow will melt in less than a week, the faster it melts the warmer we get!

The roads are already starting to melt.

It should bounce back I hope. We had very wet snow, last night the temperature dropped below 29 degrees and when it's frozen even heavier.

Thought this crap was done!

Asked Nacho if he wanted to come back outside with me. Gave me this look and laid down guess not! Where I came back in he was sound asleep, Mr. Owen was asleep on the bed.

I'm waiting to put away my shovels until after I've cut the grass. We have had snow as late as May 17th. Last year I wasn't able to plant my garden until the first week of June. Whatever the weather brings, I'll work around it, living in Minnesota it's one of those things, we learn about at a very young age!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The knot that is M.S. to me.

M.S. can knock me down, tie me up in knots, in one form or another. How I see M.S. is in the form of a knot
Orange for m.s.
White for faith a cure will be found
Red for love and understanding we share
Yellow for the friendship we have for each other
Green for the money needed for research
The last color would be gray, for the lack of understanding and compassion of some people.
This is just the way I see it, people are aware of M.S., yet lack the knowledge of how it affects, each of us in many different way. a knot for me works better to explain what M.S. means to me.

M.S. tied in knot with parts of life a bit out of focus.

Trying to hide it rarely works for long.

The knot tightens.

How it looks to me.

   With all the different ribbons being used today orange has many meanings. This is my first go at the knot that is M.S. your thoughts on this are welcome, not sure where this is going yet it maybe dumb I don't know for sure. I'm working with string first easy to work with, at little cost and reusable for other things too. Thinking out side the ribbon. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jane's vacaction and mine too.

After our trip 2 years ago in Florida and spending much of that summer recoving from too much heat and sun. Going in the end March, didn't sound like fun to me. Jane is having a great time in Florida with her family, enjoying fun in the sun and some heat. She calls and checks in with on me making sure; I'm eating, taking care of Nacho, the list goes on last one is have you fallen? Saturday I did five point landing elbows, knees and Shannon Nacho's girlfriend, who jumps her owners fence a lot, working her way to Nacho. When I let her in the two took off to play, or so I thought until I saw them racing back towards me, Shannon slipped on the ice running into me and down I went down. A few bruises, good thing is she not getting as close me.
This is Shannon

Nacho and Shannon
The two them will play together for hours.

Nacho and I are going for walks hanging out in the yard, enjoying temps in the 30's and 40's with sunshine. The snow and ice are finally melting away, a bit muddy better than ice locked standing water and mounds of ice, snow at every corner. Easter was a nice spring day not a cloud in the sky, temps made it into the upper 40's. Feeling good I decided to take Nacho for nice long walk, as good way to spend such a nice day. Without the mountains, hills of snow, lakes locked in by mounds of ice. Made walking easy for the first time, in almost 5 months. As I picked up pace, Nacho ran ahead stopped started smelling guessing he was checking if any of his friends were around.after I walked passed him, he ran ahead again repeating this all way to the park. Yep too far too fast legs giving out,  walking back home was slower and needed to stop a few times. After making it home I gave Nacho a treat he smelled it got a drink of water, walking past his food dish as he went jumped in bed a was fast asleep in no time. Wish I could do that too! My legs and elbow were hurting too much for that, needed to fix that before I laid down with Nacho, after I got my legs working and iced my elbow I laid down with Nacho. He gave a heavy sigh I didn't sleep, for shortly after I got in Nacho moved beside me wanting to be petted then wanted to play. The bed is not a playpen and PILLOWS are NOT stuffed toys for him!! To take the stuffing out of them!!

Jane and John came back from Florida on Monday, Nacho was very glad to have her back, his greeting stopped her and he wouldn't let in until he was done welcoming her home. Jane is very glad she took a few more days off after her trip because, she needed a vacation to recover from her Vacation. LOL She is happy to be home she spent her first day back sleeping. It's great having her back I did enjoy having the whole house to myself, it also reminded me how much she helps me every day.