Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The best summer in years for me.

Oop's I forgot to post this one wanted to add pictures of our not so little man Nacho. Tuesday wasn't one of my better day, today is starting out much better.

Which means I haven't been writing much, only stuff in need to write out, in a way to let it go. I don't get comments, 98% of the comments I have been getting are spam. Been writing a lot about politics I shouldn't do that, it upsets people. Been posting more on facebook it's easier for me and very few comment on my posts.

This has been my best summer mostly because, it's been cooler and at times even down right cold. The last few years it been so horrible H-O-T, I couldn't spent much time outside at all. The heat drained all my strength in no time at all, a few times I almost didn't make back inside. This year it has only happened twice, It sucks when it so hot I end up stuck in the house.

Having Nacho has made this year great for me, having him walking with me has helped me get out of the house. Nacho being so friendly we are visiting his doggy friends, most of the time we go around Longfellow park not far from home, depending on how we I'm doing going for a longer walk. If I were to leave it up to Nacho he would be dragging me home. It's so nice not being stuck in the house this year!!
To everyone hope today is A HAPPY DAY for you also!!

Nacho's best puppy dog eyes.

"You did say something about a walk! 
Now work's for me"
With this Guy saying walk or any word that start with W when looking at him,
means we should are going for a walk. Nacho goes sits next to the refrigerator because his collar is kept on top, Nacho will keep looking up at it and then at Jane or me repeating the action over and over again  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Sunset surrendering to the Night.

I have never seen a sunset from start to finish before. Knowing and understanding how and what causes a sunset to create the light show I witnessed that night. Did not diminish how truly Amazing it was as I watched it happening. Because of living within the city of Minneapolis, MN., pollution and smoke from fires in the south and west of us played big part as to why it lasted so long.

It had been a very H-O-T day! Finally the sun had dipped below the treetops, this time of year once the Sun is lower than the trees, the heat of the day quickly dissipates and the clouds fall apart, nothing to hold the warming the Sun did all day, it cools down nicely. The house on very hot days feels more like a prison when it’s H-O-T. Living so close to downtown Minneapolis, seeing the sky is a challenge with all the trees and buildings. Longfellow park isn't too far from our house, it's the best place for me to see more of the sky, it also serves as our turning pointing or on a good day we will walk around it then we head back home.
Starting our walk the Sun made the sky look like it was on fire, with a mix of red, orange with gold traveling up from the Sun across the sky fading into softening pastels of the same, the clouds remained a bright white. The eastern sky was a light blue with dark gray and charcoal colored clouds. We were walking around the park heading west, the clouds had fallen apart becoming whiffs holding the pastel colors the sky had lost. The colors began slowly stretching across the sky heading eastward, the clouds falling apart turning light peach as the pastel colors continued to fill the sky changing slightly red becoming a pale rose, the orange and gold in places mixing into a pale green yellow. The people in the park were enjoying playing baseball, kickball and other games, few saw or watching as the sun fought with many colors the coming of the night. The eastern sky was darkening as a thin layer of clouds like a fog moving in, the sky darkening faster the sunset colors are all but gone. As we made the last turn for home, a pastel peach colored line spread from the west eastward, fading as the day finally surrendered to the night.

That evening walk reminded me there is a benefit to walking slower, having time to see what is happening around me. Not a sunset I'll soon forget for sure.