Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#11 of Reflections To a dear friend

To a dear friend
Who knows this could even be about you!
By Mary K. Mennenga
Inspired by a very dear friend

My dear Friend,

You'll not always do or say the right thing, that isn't as important as  being there because you cared enough to be a friend and that's what was needed. Your friendship has shown me that life takes a lifetime to understand. With your willingness to share your time, talents and passion to help others whenever, you see pain and suffering you do all you can to help. You'll down play all you've done saying things like; "It wasn't much I only made a CD. I only went to visit them; I could or should have done more. It wasn't a big deal, I wasn't doing anything anyway." You feel what you did wasn't of much help, even when we try to thank and tell you how what you did had helped each of us a great deal. Then you'll say "It was the least I could do". Your only human but you want to be all things to everyone who you know is in need. So you push yourself so hard, you forget to take care of you.  Then when you do take time to take care of you, you feel bad about it. Everyone has limits even you my friend!

If I know you at all your probably sitting there reading this and thinking that I  don't know the real you. You judge yourself so harshly your unable to see, hear or believe when people try to tell you what a wonderful person you are and how glad we are to have you as a friend! All you seem to see are your shortcomings; your self-doubt isn't allowing you to see the truth. So you only look inward and make yourself both judge and prosecutor with no one to defend you. Because you've disregarded any of the positive things that people have said about you, which isn't a fair trial.

Now my dear friend, the next time you decide to stand in judgment of yourself. Take all the nice things that people have said about you as fact, whether you believe it or not because it's the truth as your defense. Now let God be the judge, God knows your heart even better than you do and God is fair. You don't seem to understand or see how much you are loved, for  just being you. I pray one day you will realize how blessed I feel having you in my life.

Your friend with love and heartfelt thanks, Mary

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