Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning... With a small prayer

Learning is the one thing I never want to stop doing. Needing to step outside myself, to challenge what I think I know,  understanding that I don't know what I don't know. Yes if you think about  how could anyone. Unless I think about questions about what I've been told the facts are, I really don't know. The only thing I know is what one person believes the facts are from the research they have done. Anyone can find fact's to reinforce what they think and feel the truth is because it was what they were looking for!

With all research if I only look for what supports what I think and feel is the right answer and don't examine all sides equally, I don't believe finding the truth can be done. Even when I do believe I've found the truth, it's still only how I interpret the information I've learned. As with all things in life it's breaks down to, every individuals right to decide what they believe the truth is for themselves. When we disagree and we will, have and do disagree what the TRUTH IS. We can continue to pass judgment on one another or learn that because every person is not the same. That by working through our differences together with understanding instead of judgement and hate. To stop using scapegoating and or blaming one for another misfortune or by casting one group of people aside because some believe they have and are of no real value and aren't worth what it will cost to help them. Is this the kind of world anyone has wished for or wanted to see come to pass? For me history is written every day, so I can not judge it. Because I'm apart of what it will become as are all of us.

It will be many generations in the future that will be doing the judging. Because they will have seen what the fruits of our choices had become.  As we have learned from history so shall they as well.

So all I'm able to do is pray: Dear Lord, Thank you for this day and for all the ups and downs that it will bring. So I can continue to learn that it's by your grace I'm free. Teach me how to put other's first, to show kindness and understanding always, as you know I do my best but I will fail and fall-short from time to time. Lord help me to remember that I'm flawed and unqualified to stand in judgement of other's and to leave the judging to thee. When this day comes to it's ends please lord grant me rest, thank you lord for giving me this day it was a gift and I hope you'll grant me one more, if not I'll leave with no regrets, either way I'll see you when I wake. Amen   

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A dreamer's dream

Dreams help us see opportunities that could be, if we'll stop looking at all the impossibility and see the possibility. Throughout human history people have said that's impossible! That is until a person did what others thought and told all who would listen could never be done. Placing labels on that person, as a dreamer out of touch with how the world works. In every way trying to stop a dreamer from dreaming, by telling them "who do you think you are your no one special! Your just not smart enough! Look at the risk your taking, your just going to fail so why waste your time trying and just except that this is as good as it gets!" The list goes on and on. That's the rub you see, how many times in your life have you been told something like that or worst yet told yourself that? Defeating yourself  even before you start. Bringing a dream into reality takes time, and a lot of work and learning to deal with setbacks and a little luck. As for the risk, only you are capable of deciding if it's worth the risk or not.

For me if I risk nothing I'll gain nothing, so I say why not give it a shot, with each attempt that ends in failure teaches me something I didn't know before. That's how we all learn.

Having seen dreamers making such a huge difference in my life and the life of other's. I really do believe we need dreamers and the work they have done and are still doing will continue to change the world. Hope for the future is becoming a reality around the world as we all began to learn that each and everyone of us, are all members of the human race. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time for a vacation M.S. isn't sure I should go

A real vacation getting on a plane going to Florida, staying in a resort with an ocean view on the beach. It's been a long time since we've gone on a vacation like this. The last one was over 15 years ago. Lately I'd been doing fairly good, that is until four weeks ago, my right rotator-cuff goes nut's can't use it frozen go to urgent care get it checked, long story short it's calcium depots get them broken up and taken care of. Started working on recovering pain level is much improved, being careful not to push to hard.

Knowing I need both arm's to use my apparatus a stand up walker I use to get around. Needing to use my left hand and arm which is the weaker of the two. What decides to rear it head! Yep my brains inability to tell my muscle to stop pulling or is it my muscle telling the brain I'm done! So the tendonitis in my right elbow and the pain it causes makes it impossible to use it at all back to the Doctor I go, the news isn't what I had hoped for, the rehab will take 4 to 6 weeks. I'm leaving for Florida in two! I'll say this about M.S. it's  timing is horseshit!

Will I let it stop me from having as much fun as I'm able?  Or listening to the waves hit the shore as I watch the sun slowly setting into the sea? Nope! You see M.S. may slow me down from time to time but it can never stop me from being me. I'm not in control of what it takes. How I handle what it takes is definitely within my control! The way I see it M.S. can't win, a  war I've already won by just continuing to be me.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#13 of reflections The truth about guilt 3/1/11

The truth about guilt
By Mary K. Mennenga

Guilt as an emotion is what
People use to get what they want
The only way it's able to work is if you buy into it
Honestly only you can make yourself feel guilty
Of course people will use words to reinforce your interpretation 
Of what they've said to help you in feeling guilty
It's more about your interpretation of what was said
Take great care whenever buying into guilt
Because if guilt is the reason behind your actions
Your actions will have little meaning
Because it's become something you have to do
Instead of what you want to do