Sunday, February 6, 2011

My reflections #1 My Dream

This wasn't my first it is the one that started my putting them  together as My written reflections. This I wrote after waking  from this dream I had, shortly after the death of our dog Honey Girl. The reason I wrote it in two different formats is because my mother wanted more details, since she was the first person I had told about it, she already knew the details and liked it in the story form, other people liked it better this way so I kept them both.

My Dream
By Mary K Mennenga

Last night I had a dream about
All the dogs, cats and animals I've known
It was an odd dream because we understood each other
We knew it wasn't my time to be there, I was just visiting 
Rusty came running towards me with the same ball he had when I found him
Right behind him was Honey Girl without a rock
As we were greeting each each other I noticed they both had all their teeth
They always have toys, balls and someone to play with 
As we played all our favorite games, running and swimming
Without pain or fatigue for anyone of us
As we laid in the grass in the shade of a tree
Tony a squirrel I had helped came down and sat on my shoulder
As I looked around I saw all the wild animals
I had watched throughout my life
I felt them welcoming me to stay awhile longer
Everyone started stirring so we started playing again
Then I heard a dog whine so softly, the dogs started walking away
The dream started fading away I didn't want it to end
Calling for Honey Girl three more times
She finally turned and smiled I realized it was time to go
The whining got louder waking slowly
I called Grey Girl she came to the side of the bed
I tried getting out of bed but this is the real world and I have M.S.
Giving Grey Girl hugs and petting her until I was able to get myself out of bed
It was the best sleep I've had in years
Waking with so little pain I know we will be whole again
Until then I'll settle for visiting them in my dreams

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