Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Squirrels

Update on Squirrels
Both are doing fine, released back into the neighborhood. Not in my backyard thank goodness, we have a huge number squirrels being close to the Mississippi river it's a good thing. My feeder is a circle of life, more than a few birds of prey have grabbed  a snack or two because they winter just south of us. 

The Eagles have started moving in for winter it's a bit early, so it's looking like we'll have another hard winter. Many say we have way too many squirrels and rabbits, yet every spring since we moved here the numbers of rodents are down by 2/3 without the rodents, we would lose 3/4 of the Birds of prey that winter here. Keeping both in balance and healthy so we can enjoy both. With all the dogs and cats, chasing the squirrels, rabbits and mice, it's not a easy meal for the Birds of prey the smart squirrels, rabbits and mice will live and circle continues.     

This was the baby Nacho got a hold of when it fell out of its nest 

The bigger one is the brother of the first one to fall, what a difference one day makes.  

Tiny cute little baby

Substituting for a real squirrel mommy, is very hard work energy levels I don't have. Dam m.s. for my limitations!!

Nacho's limitations didn't hold up any better than mine. When the squirrel cried Nacho came running and whined with them, if Nacho whined they started to cry out. Needless to say not much sleeping, was happening for anyone in the household. Squirrels cry so loud it can be heard outside the house with the windows shut!

Tuesday we took them to The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Where they will take good care of both them.

Meet my first rescued Squirrel "Tony" from when I was in High School.

 I named him but he wasn't a pet after he stopped living in the garage. He continued to live in the trees near our house. Tail as long as his body. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The line between love & hate is huge

The line between

Negativity, hate an unwillingness to compromise.
People passing judgment on each other, it seems like everybody is doing.
Speaking lies as if the truth.
Calling people names meant to cause them pain, feeling ashamed and worthless. Attaching labels, to whole groups of people, showing who is to blame for every problem we face today.
Is this what the human race has become?

Love and hate is huge!

Not small or a fine line between each other.
Love can overcome any obstacle put in its path
I’m talking about real passion something money can't buy
Power can’t control manipulate or displaced
Can't be found in a book written by mankind
A faith no human can pass judgment upon.

We are here because of an act of nature
Never started or ended a war
Its balance can be tipped only so far
Tip it too far it will find its balance
It’s the miracle under our feet
Made up like us of star dust
The very dust needed
To make rain
Its history shows us what happens
When its balance isn't maintained
By recycling mistakes made
Over and over… again
Free Will and a choice
We aren't the first or the last

Find and be the positive you want to see
around you.

By Mary K. Mennenga

Saturday, August 2, 2014

An update haven't posted for awhile.

     It has been a long time since my last posting. The reason didn’t have anything worth writing about. Nacho has kept me busy, in April had my walker replaced because my wheels wore out.  From Walking Nacho we are doing between 7 to 15 miles a week, the weather has help a lot with only 3 days above 90 degrees all summer only been stuck in the house for a few days at a time, we walk early in the morning and again after the sun drops below the tree line the Sun and my Meds don’t mix at all. Living within my limits is a fact of making my life work. Keeping my not so little Nacho man happy and active is helping me in every way. Nacho isn’t a puppy any more, growing up he isn’t tearing apart his toys he plays with them instead, equals huge cost saving for the household budget!
     On July 15 I reached a mile stone, twenty years in the making. It’s not one I could have reached alone. It’s the longest relationship I’ve had outside of my family, not counting friendships. Being with someone almost every day, of each year for twenty years, isn’t easily done without understanding the shared commitment of love we made to each other. The willingness to honor the love we share, by working together through the lows and sadness of losing loved ones over the years. Accepting we seem to say, goodbye more often than hello to family and old friends. With so many great memories we have shared, here’s to the next 20 years.
     M.S. is still getting in my way, slowly progressing affecting my hands and wrists don’t work very well or for long, still able to find ways to work around that most of the time. My right leg is almost worthless and trips me up when I don’t pay attention. Learning I had to make a few adjustments, so I don’t trip myself up walking over the cracks in the sidewalks and the little crap no one else who isn't using a standup walker, to walk a sixty pound, two year old health, German wirehair pointer.
     The first change was to start paying attention; putting a small lift in my left shoe, timing my steps so my right feet didn't step near the crack, better known as stress relief space between, each block of sidewalk concrete. When stepping forward using my left foot after firmly placing it rise up on the ball of foot, before stepping forward with my right foot, giving enough room so my right foot cleared the crack or little crap      Thankfully not many people who know me have seen me fall. The good thing about getting older is, it takes longer for my bruising to get really ugly looking, I do work at hiding them so by the time it’s seen it doesn't hurt much, and I say I’ve forgotten how or went it happen, so it’s too late for anyone to yell at me about it. Since I've already beat myself up about it, long enough anyway.

     A side note about Nacho being a pointer, making him even more awesome is he stops to point before he start to chase mostly bunnies rabbits now, I’ll tell him to leave it he’ll continue walking, watching it until I've also passed it. I’m glad Nacho is smart, at times even smarter than I am. 
Pictures of Nacho 

Resting after our 3 mile walk

Nacho and Chance after my nephew Eric
and I taken them both for a walk.

Chance trying to give Nacho his treat
had a great playdate 
Chance is a sweetheart, mixed Weimaraner
Still a puppy
Nacho's new friend!