I love watching football and baseball but the teams I love watching. Don't seem up to making me want to cheer, instead I cry in my beer, well I don't drink beer but you understand. Each year it looks like this will be our year! Then reality sets in and hope is tested, oh well maybe next year be different!


If you think about it fear and hate are the driving force behind most of the wars that have been waged throughout human history. Why can't we just live and let live? Is it because we see things as right and wrong, or black and white. Is the one with the might always right because they win.

Now don't take this the wrong way I understand a few wars had legitimate reasons and the end justified the means of why they needed to be fought.

Today fear and hate seem to have replaced Love and Compassion. Yelling louder than anyone seems to have replaced listening and having a conversion, is the loudest voice you hear always right?
Is yelling so loud no one else can be heard is that really free speech?

I voted do I feel it counted not really! Time will tell if the ones who did get in will do anything at all or continue to just blow hot air, then wait until 2012.
To me there isn't a dam thing I can do about it, I'm just wondering what will I lose first the V.A. or social security? In the last three years I've cost the U.S. Government no less then 265,792 dollars. Knowing the history of government it does tend to cut the useless people out first ("You don't buy Insurance the day after the house burned down, do you?" Tea party elected yesterday). The V.A. already informed me that things are going to change, but I'll worry about it when it happenings. Honestly I don't want to be around when it happenings, being a burden isn't something I capable of living with. To me that really isn't living anymore, it's just taking up space! I can't and won't live that way, because it's has no value and either do I. It's not living if all I'm doing is waiting to die.

Don't worry I'm not going to kill myself! I'm thinking out loud on my keyboard and that's all. This is what I think not how I feel, I'm not dumb enough to write how I really feel on this thing!

To be honest it is what I am feeling but of course I don't like a admit my feeling because at times people use them to hurt and not heal.

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