Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall wasn't finished, when Winter showed up!

Blowing a very cold breezy up my... Anyways did get a few pictures of our short lived Fall.
These two kids fell out of their nest.
Both were released back into the neighborhood.  

Nacho was the first to find them
He was quick to let me know they needed or made a sound.
After they went to the rehab center
Nacho and I got some much needed sleep  

Nacho and I took a walk to 
see the Mississippi

The mighty Mississippi
from the bluffs a few blocks from our house

Glad we went, getting out of the bluffs
wasn't as easy

The colors were bold

Love clouds 

 Some hung on to summer as long as they could.

The winds of fall 
Begins the season of sticks  

The last of the flowers

It's been a good year for the most part, my hands don't work as well as I'd like. I'm still able to walk, good thing Nacho loves going for walks. Started using map my walk, to see how far we were walking. The weather this summer was great for walking, early in the morning and as the sun was setting. Starting in late July until now, Nacho and I have walked 268 miles, in 87 hours, doing over 100 workout. If I didn't have the upright walker from the V.A. none of this would have happened.

Just a few years ago, it looked like the only choice I had was a wheelchair, at the time my leg's couldn't carry my weight and using a walker wasn't working because my wrists were too weak to hold me up. Because I thought my leg's would fail long before my arms would, mainly because that's what seemed to happened to most of the people I knew of with M.S. No way did I ever think about losing the use of my arms or hands. Yet here I am spending hours writing this post. Having already tried, using the different voice programs to write for me. None have worked, mainly because my voice fades out, or the words aren't clear enough for the program to understand the words I had said. It's odd how what I thought would happen didn't happen the way I was ready to handle it. Life and the way things workout, can't be planned out. So all I can do is work with what still works, finding a balance between what works, what does not work and what works, or only works part of the time. Understanding balance is more about, doing what I can when I can for as long as I'm able. Not knowing if I'll be able to finish what I started has become a stress I work to control. The hardest piece so far has been, if I need help I'll ask for it! Anyone jumping in grabbing my fork and knife out of my hand as I'm cutting my salad! I've learned, to only go out to eat with people who would never do that because, when I need help I will ask for it! My cutting my salad maybe hard to watch, it's one of those things I'm better at doing myself! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In the eleventh month, on the eleventh day, at the eleventh hour.

Many Nations today will stop for a moment to honor all Veterans
Who severed in the military.

Happy Veterans day to all
 To those who severed Thank you so much for your service to your Country
Today Please take a moment at 11:00 O'clock
To join many nations and people around the world
Who also will be honoring Veterans this day
To the families of the fallen, we stand with you today
In honor of the sacrifice you have also had to pay
Let us all pray and work 
To find a way to Peace without War

Friday, October 3, 2014

Update setting everything right. Got a plan in place.

My visit to the V.A. x-ray on elbow nothing broken good news, other shoe drops, the bones are rubbing together Ouch! With repeating falls due to the front wheels on walker bent, not designed for the amount of walking, I've been doing new wheels are on order. Comments from the doctor slow down and give yourself more time to heal. Understand you walked 98 miles last month? Most people with PPMS don’t even do 50 miles in two years! I didn't bother to answer her, Nacho and I have maybe a month at most for walking, before snow mountain climbing starts lasting up to six months! Don’t think she even knows anyone who has M.S.! I’ll need to have Jane wrap my right arm for 5~7 days and slow down my roll until I get my new wheels. After I got home Nacho and I went for a short slow walk, in the rain, I don't want to fall again, with my elbow wrapped it felt much better, Nacho loved it whining softly, as we started out. After three days of only playing in the backyard, felt good to stretch our legs again. It’s only going to get into the low forties today with lots of wind. Tonight we may see our first snow flakes and this weekend a hard frost, will welcome the fall with my last mowing of the grass for this year. Time to wrap the pine trees, put up the Christmas lights (won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving). Put up new heat tape and talk Jane into letting me get a little bigger snow blower.  The season with a white blanket of snow and sticks will come up fast. In a short time will only see my neighbor’s eyes until next year. Not being ready for winter up here, is very costly for once the white blanket of snow is 4 inches thick it more than likely will only get thicker until the sun is strong enough to start melting it sometime around late March or April. If we are very lucky and the snow is thick enough and the ground isn't frozen too deep the snow will melt slowly down raising the groundwater levels we need here. Instead of the melting snow, running into the Mississippi River causing flooding all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Got a call from the V.A. my replacement wheels are in! All I need is to go in next week and away Nacho and I will go. Not looking forward to the snow

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I've been doing wrong, working at getting back on track.

The totals for September on map my walk, are in Nacho and I walked 98 miles I've set my goal for October at 100 miles. That was before last Sunday’s shopping trip to Cub, stocked up on Dr. Pepper, Coke and water all on sale and I had a manufacturer’s coupon too, stacked it all on my wheels. Jane went to get bread I was going check out the BOG1 ice cream, my front wheels bent sideways my load of seven 12 packs pop was slipping off, I stopped them from falling using my right arm heard a popping sound, felt something tearing in my elbow got everything righted walked backward found Jane got check out, told her what happened and that I'm done shopping, she laughed knowing how much I like to shop. With my elbow the way it is, I’ve been unable to use my walker for 3 days. However Nacho and I have been playing fetch inside and out, I've been learning how to throw left handed, since I lost the ability to throw using my right hand some time ago, the ball is finally going over five feet most of the time. Been trying to get into see my doctor for a few days, Thursday she works in the same day clinic at the V.A. I'll call first thing so I can be seen by her, Jane will drop me off on her way to work, that way I can also have my wheels checked out and take a cab ride back home. After I find out what’s going on with my right elbow and arm, I hope if nothing else they can modify my walker so Nacho and I can start going for walks again. Soon that white blanket of snow will make going for a walk, more like mountain climbing. Last year mountain climbing season lasted almost 6 months with all the spring rain turning to ice overnight. Winter in Minnesota with or without snow it will be cold at times even colder than the North Pole, I'm still thinking about fitting my walker with ski that latch under the wheels with so few people shoveling their sidewalk’s around here, might make getting around easier for me and spend less time on my butt in the snow. Enjoy the fall as long as you can I know the season of sticks is not far behind.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Squirrels

Update on Squirrels
Both are doing fine, released back into the neighborhood. Not in my backyard thank goodness, we have a huge number squirrels being close to the Mississippi river it's a good thing. My feeder is a circle of life, more than a few birds of prey have grabbed  a snack or two because they winter just south of us. 

The Eagles have started moving in for winter it's a bit early, so it's looking like we'll have another hard winter. Many say we have way too many squirrels and rabbits, yet every spring since we moved here the numbers of rodents are down by 2/3 without the rodents, we would lose 3/4 of the Birds of prey that winter here. Keeping both in balance and healthy so we can enjoy both. With all the dogs and cats, chasing the squirrels, rabbits and mice, it's not a easy meal for the Birds of prey the smart squirrels, rabbits and mice will live and circle continues.     

This was the baby Nacho got a hold of when it fell out of its nest 

The bigger one is the brother of the first one to fall, what a difference one day makes.  

Tiny cute little baby

Substituting for a real squirrel mommy, is very hard work energy levels I don't have. Dam m.s. for my limitations!!

Nacho's limitations didn't hold up any better than mine. When the squirrel cried Nacho came running and whined with them, if Nacho whined they started to cry out. Needless to say not much sleeping, was happening for anyone in the household. Squirrels cry so loud it can be heard outside the house with the windows shut!

Tuesday we took them to The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Where they will take good care of both them.

Meet my first rescued Squirrel "Tony" from when I was in High School.

 I named him but he wasn't a pet after he stopped living in the garage. He continued to live in the trees near our house. Tail as long as his body. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The line between love & hate is huge

The line between

Negativity, hate an unwillingness to compromise.
People passing judgment on each other, it seems like everybody is doing.
Speaking lies as if the truth.
Calling people names meant to cause them pain, feeling ashamed and worthless. Attaching labels, to whole groups of people, showing who is to blame for every problem we face today.
Is this what the human race has become?

Love and hate is huge!

Not small or a fine line between each other.
Love can overcome any obstacle put in its path
I’m talking about real passion something money can't buy
Power can’t control manipulate or displaced
Can't be found in a book written by mankind
A faith no human can pass judgment upon.

We are here because of an act of nature
Never started or ended a war
Its balance can be tipped only so far
Tip it too far it will find its balance
It’s the miracle under our feet
Made up like us of star dust
The very dust needed
To make rain
Its history shows us what happens
When its balance isn't maintained
By recycling mistakes made
Over and over… again
Free Will and a choice
We aren't the first or the last

Find and be the positive you want to see
around you.

By Mary K. Mennenga

Saturday, August 2, 2014

An update haven't posted for awhile.

     It has been a long time since my last posting. The reason didn’t have anything worth writing about. Nacho has kept me busy, in April had my walker replaced because my wheels wore out.  From Walking Nacho we are doing between 7 to 15 miles a week, the weather has help a lot with only 3 days above 90 degrees all summer only been stuck in the house for a few days at a time, we walk early in the morning and again after the sun drops below the tree line the Sun and my Meds don’t mix at all. Living within my limits is a fact of making my life work. Keeping my not so little Nacho man happy and active is helping me in every way. Nacho isn’t a puppy any more, growing up he isn’t tearing apart his toys he plays with them instead, equals huge cost saving for the household budget!
     On July 15 I reached a mile stone, twenty years in the making. It’s not one I could have reached alone. It’s the longest relationship I’ve had outside of my family, not counting friendships. Being with someone almost every day, of each year for twenty years, isn’t easily done without understanding the shared commitment of love we made to each other. The willingness to honor the love we share, by working together through the lows and sadness of losing loved ones over the years. Accepting we seem to say, goodbye more often than hello to family and old friends. With so many great memories we have shared, here’s to the next 20 years.
     M.S. is still getting in my way, slowly progressing affecting my hands and wrists don’t work very well or for long, still able to find ways to work around that most of the time. My right leg is almost worthless and trips me up when I don’t pay attention. Learning I had to make a few adjustments, so I don’t trip myself up walking over the cracks in the sidewalks and the little crap no one else who isn't using a standup walker, to walk a sixty pound, two year old health, German wirehair pointer.
     The first change was to start paying attention; putting a small lift in my left shoe, timing my steps so my right feet didn't step near the crack, better known as stress relief space between, each block of sidewalk concrete. When stepping forward using my left foot after firmly placing it rise up on the ball of foot, before stepping forward with my right foot, giving enough room so my right foot cleared the crack or little crap      Thankfully not many people who know me have seen me fall. The good thing about getting older is, it takes longer for my bruising to get really ugly looking, I do work at hiding them so by the time it’s seen it doesn't hurt much, and I say I’ve forgotten how or went it happen, so it’s too late for anyone to yell at me about it. Since I've already beat myself up about it, long enough anyway.

     A side note about Nacho being a pointer, making him even more awesome is he stops to point before he start to chase mostly bunnies rabbits now, I’ll tell him to leave it he’ll continue walking, watching it until I've also passed it. I’m glad Nacho is smart, at times even smarter than I am. 
Pictures of Nacho 

Resting after our 3 mile walk

Nacho and Chance after my nephew Eric
and I taken them both for a walk.

Chance trying to give Nacho his treat
had a great playdate 
Chance is a sweetheart, mixed Weimaraner
Still a puppy
Nacho's new friend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finding the positive

Has been hard to do lately, with all the negative happening in the news, the choice of words used seems dirty now, like the poor, old and sick, children. Fitting into three of the four categories is painful leaving me to feel worthless a waste of the nations resources. What makes it even harder is hearing people are devalued by others grouping and labeling them without knowing anything about them! Ask yourself, do you know anyone who falls into one or two of the four categories of the poor, sick and old and children? Are they of zero value to you! If you don't know anyone, ask those around them if they find these people add value in some way to the community. The answer may not surprise you at all! Who started this whole 46% crap, a politician why because he wanted money to become president, he did raise a lot of money, however he lost guessing the reason was, no matter who the president is we will always have poor, sick, old and thank goodness yes children! Lets look at it from a politician's point of view, for what reason would it benefit them to divide people into groups like the rich, middle class, working poor, add in the old living on Social Security. Now lets step on sick. The one I have the most trouble with children, the future of our country? Why stop funding schools, in some states the school year has ended and will not reopen next year, don't see how anyone but a politician would understand this. The next generation without a basic education in reading, writing and math, knowledge of history, science who would gain any value from this kind of policy? Not the people. A cheap work force willing to anything to feed their children, what would happen to higher learning, going to college or would that go away too. With no one able to stand up or caring about the environment, clean air and water. The government would it be paid for by the corporations of the world, it's worked in the past could work again when people are of no value, unless they are able to work. If that's the future, glad I won't live to see it.
As for God's judgement 
God's greatest creation the world we call home 
Has already started to judge us
I do believe it has found us wanting
No matter how strong we think we are
The earth will regain its balance
With or without us
Earth recycles itself always
We really are made of stardust!
Many planets have water
The miracle of life here is rain
Yep that's it without that one thing
Life dies.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Power and money will buy you many things

The United States of America
By Mary K. Mennenga

There was a time not so long ago
We were proud of being our brother’s keeper
That the next generation did better than the last
Children are the future and the hope of all
When they fail, we all pay a price
Blaming the old, sick the poor and young
Many will agree with you
It easy to slap a label on or group them all as one
Our natural resources were life giving clean water and air
Balance between the need of nature, mankind
Both together will insure this planet is able to thrive
Humans are responsible for insuring it will remain safe for generations
We have only this world to live on
Humans are entrusted with its care.
Nature is stronger than, humans a fact proven by human history of mistakes  
Can we afford to continue being
The me and mine standing alone against the power of weather
Money and power will not fix what’s happening to our world
For its part of the cause
Greed has its price its life and freedom
The human race may continue if we choose to work together as one.
With our hearts, minds and spirit together as one
We are capable of making the sacrifices
To save the only home we have
Change is never easy
Nothing worthwhile ever is
Without clean air and water
What will happen to the human race?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Doctor told me to slow down!! LOL

Went to the V.A. for a follow up about my gut. Jane dropped me off early so I could take my wheels (evolution standup walker), in to see if they could fix my brakes and arm rest. The technician came and worked on it for a bit, when took it down hall without a word leaving me leaning against the wall. Realized he wasn't coming back anytime soon, I sat down 45 minutes later he came back with a brand new blue walker awesome! Needless to say Nacho and I are rolling along!

On to my appoint with Dr. G. my GP after a few tests and results from the computer, she told me your not capable of holding up to the fasting for a colon test, I was so looking forward to that. Jane wrote a note of things I needed to talk to her about, my left arm was giving me trouble weak, couldn't straighten it out, the x-ray showed Calcium build up, due to overuse. The others tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, she check me out then she sat down typed into computer after she was done. She turned give me the up and down look then told me to slow down your doing too much, asked about an inhaler for my asthma, told me your lungs are clear, and to wear a mask when I’m outside or around mold, again told me to slow down.

After telling friends about her statement to slow down. Need to say I've got great friends and family around me! Before M.S. I had many speeds it depended on what it was I was doing. With my limitation it's just two speeds go and done! It takes me two or more days, to finish a task that used to take hours,  I still feel if I went any slower I would be going in reverse. Have a few spots on the back of my left leg, Dr. G. is setting me up with dermatologist.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sounds like we need more consumers

Enough already who is the #1 job creator in the world CONSUMERS! However if 90% of consumers don't make enough to feed themselves or their families. The economy can't grow, right now companies are buying their own stock back so they show a profit. Can this continue long term hell NO! What does a living wage do to the economy it lifts everything and everyone with it. As for the number of jobs lost the number of people working two jobs can afford, to quit one or cut back on the hours they work at the other job. Politicians need to blame someone for the mess they have made of this country, so they blame the poor really! Corporations are the ones raising the numbers of people needing welfare. Corporations are also receiving subsidies even when making huge profits, Congress won't rise taxes on the wealthy because it would also rise their taxes, congress needs to start working for people with a heart beat not a corporation without one. Just saying...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Temperature on February 27 is -14 degrees feels like -26

Winter is hanging on here in Minnesota. With a snow pack in places of up to 4+ feet, it's not hard to understand, clear skies at night means there is nothing to holding the heat in. Last week it rained then it snowed, the roads are still iced over too cold for it to melt, even with all the Sunshine we get as the Sun makes the journey north. According to the forecast we are enjoying another Polar Vortex until next week Wednesday the high may make it to 20 degrees. The long term forecast has us below average until mid-March. Knowing the North pole is warmer, than we are isn't helping one bit!  
This was February 8  
February 22

Much of the snow we get in December, will still be here in March the April showers also come in the form of snow! May flowers . Rain on the other hand once the Sun goes down any water becomes Ice add in a polar vortex or two. There are many four letter words used at this time of year, replace the every day 4 letter words used all year long. A short list; Snow, Plow, Rain, Road, Roof, Rake, Cold, Wind, Sand last one Salt...! The amount of emotion behind these words no other 4 letter words are needed!

January 19 2014 

February 22 2014

There is an upside to all of this bone chilling cold.
The sky during the day is a bold shade of blue. 
Sunrise and sets are wonderful in soft pastel colors.
The night sky is my favorite.
The moonrise when it's full is so big and bright, casting shadows on the ground. 
Best of all is seeing so many stars even spotted the Milky Way a few times.
Reminding me of home living in Wisconsin.
When the sky was clear I would watch it for hours.

When a path starts looking more like a tunnel.
February 22 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Regret the hindsight of past choices.

Honestly looking back at choices made isn't a good thing most of the time, knowing hindsight will always be 20/20. Thinking back to that time and remembering, what other choices were there to pick from. 9 times out 10 it was the best choice out the choices at that time. Judging the choices made, isn't really fair not being the same person now. In part because of each choice made over the years, it's not like anyone can go back in time to fix or right any wrong. Seeing it as a regret the choice is, wasting time rethinking history like it's could changed or learn from it and move on forward.

Every choice made is a path not taken the choices made helped us become who we are. Where we go from here, is guided by the choices we make from this point on. Our history is the sign post showing us how far we have come, and how far we have to go. It's a journey that we have a life time to complete, a work in process continued by each choice made. I for one am enjoying the ride

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter like I never seen before.

It's been so cold, poor Nacho hasn't been out for a good walk in weeks. The polar vortex has closed schools 3 times since January so far, with more of the same forecasted for February. Having seen -16 degrees add the wind it feels like -36, that day starting at 4 Am the heat has not shut off for more that 10 minutes at a time, with clear skies where's nothing to hold the heat in however the stars seem brighter and more of them can be seen even within the city.

Below are pictures of Nacho of course
And being winter Snow that will
Any time soon!!
Nacho loves watching me move snow!

Knowing The sidewalk clear all the way to the street,
wide enough for E.M.T's to get to a person in need of help quickly.
Because minutes matter.

First we remove the fallen snow.
After the snowplows come through,
we shovel the sidewalk again.  

The plows trying to keep roads wide
as I try to keep the sidewalk clear.
A battle I know I will lose...  

Because I always do.

Now that everyone knows what a polar vortex is or has heard of it at least! Once the temperature hit -15 it's really cold, add a little breezy 5 to 15 miles per hour. 3. Now it's bone chilling!
2. Time to shit or get off the pot!!
1. Can't my a$$ has frozen to the dam  toilet again!!!
Now here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
A snow day is when Kids get to stay home and play in the snow.
Had to  make a new standard for too cold to go to school.
Temperature reaches -20, or the windchill is -45
The public school system allows for only 3 weather related days off.