Wednesday, March 28, 2012

# 51 Questions of faith tested

Questions of faith tested 
By Mary K Mennenga

When faith is tested it’s hard to see
That God is truly all around us
What is seen isn’t kindness, understanding or love
It seems hate has taken over
Leaving the weak, sick and old to die
They’re of no monetary value any how
 A drain on the system no room for compassion
It’s them or us
Instead of we the people, its fall in line or else
No longer are we the stewards of earth
Or our brother’s keeper
Using the word God more as a slogan diminishing and burring
What the name God means
The gift of grace God has given us
Religious membership isn’t a requirement
It’s your heart God sees
Forgive others as well as yourself
Thinking you aren’t faithful enough
For God to care or hear your prayers
God’s love is a gift
All that’s needed is faith to receive it
Only by God’s grace and love for us
We are free to choose
Faith is trusting you’re heart
Without judgment 

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