This is the Dream I had

Update and revised 8-11-2011
Yes this has been on list of pages for a long time. Seeing so many mistakes and having wanted to edit it for so long I have. It was on the carnival of M.S. bloggers a while back. Hopefully it will be easier to read. I would like write as well as I dream.

Shortly after I lost my best friend
Who just happened to be a dog.
This is the Dream I had
By Mary K. Mennenga 

I found myself standing in a heavy fog; I couldn't see anything but fog, so I looked down at my feet, at first I couldn't see them. As the fog started lifting looking up from my feet and seeing I was standing on a field of grass. The fog was thinning I still couldn't see very far, I wasn't afraid, instead I was amazed at how calm and peaceful it made me feel.

I saw someone or something running towards me, it was Rusty the dog I found when I was a child. As he came closer it looked as if he had, the same ball he had when he found me. On his heels was Honey girl without a rock! That in life had been her trade mark. It was odd but not surprising that we understood  each other. We knew it wasn't my time to be with them yet, I was only visiting. As we were  greeting each other, I noticed they both had all their teeth. I knew they always had toys, balls and someone to play with. They were so happy, we started running, playing catch and keep-away. Then Shadow showed up and we  started wrestling. Honey girl, was barking at me as I tried to grab her paws, Rusty was gnawing on my elbow and Shadow was running around us, trying to distract Honey girl. It was like no time had passed at all, the three of them acted as if they had been friends forever. Shadow joined in as it turned into a pet me, rub my belly, scratch my ear. With only having two hands the one not getting attention, was giving me kisses then all three started licking my face. I rolled around until I could get up and I started running away, then I turned and started chasing them. As we were playing I noticed that more dogs had joined in the fun. Some I knew very well, others knew me better than I knew them, but I remembered them all. It was nice to see them all again happy and healthy, most didn't stay long but a few did.

We came upon a lake that was clear and we knew it wouldn't be cold, without another thought we all ran in with a big splash. After swimming and playing, we came out of the water and went to lay in the shade of a large tree. That I hadn't noticed before, however I was glad it was there. Lying there realizing we hadn't stopped, because any of us was in pain or fatigued at all. It looked like a nice spot to rest awhile, it was such a peaceful and quiet place.

Then I heard a Loon's call, an eagle's cry; I began hearing all the sounds of the animals, I have listened to throughout my life so far. Sitting up and looking around it was a beautiful scene. The sky was so blue, with puffs of small white clouds. The birds filled the sky; there were eagles, hawks and songbirds of all colors, shape and size. The sounds filled the air and closing my eyes, as it became the most beautiful song I have ever heard as it filled my heart with joy and peace knowing, I would never forget how it fed my soul.

Rusty lifted my arm with his nose so I started petting him mindlessly. Opening my eyes and seeing in the tree was Tony the squirrel, I had helped after he had fallen from the neighbor's house. He came down and laid across my shoulders. Looking out at the lake, the field of grass and seeing all the animals I have watched throughout my life so far. It felt as if they were welcoming me to stay awhile longer. 

The cat's came over and started teasing the dog's, I stood  up with Tony on my shoulder, we started playing again. It was so nice being with them all again running, laughing and playing. After a time the animals started walking further away, Tony climbed down off my shoulder and started walking away. That's when I saw the fog was  rolling back in and I heard a dog whine so softly. Watching as Rusty walk into the fog. The dream was starting to fade, I didn't want it to end so soon! Calling Honey girl three times as she was walking towards the fog, thinking if I could get her to come back, this won't have to end. Then finally she stopped! And she turned, smiling at me and I realized it was time for me to go as well.
The whining got louder waking, slowly I called Grey girl a greyhound who visits with me, when her Mommy goes to work. As she came to the side of the bed, I tried getting up out of bed but couldn't, making me realize I was back in the real world and I still have M.S. Giving Grey girl hugs and petting her until, I was capable of getting myself out of bed. The dream was gone! The love will always be with me.

It was the best sleep I had in years, waking with so little pain for the first time. Knowing one day we will all be whole again! So until that day comes, I'll settle for visiting them in my dreams. 


Anonymous said...

I wish I could dream the way you write, Nice job Lady:))

Mary K. Mennenga said...

You so sweet to say that:) Thank you for visiting, have nice weekend.