About my written reflections

All of them are based on what I've seen, how I feel and stuff I've realized over the years. By watching history repeating it's self over and over again, the majority of the time it's me repeating the same old mistakes again. Because I apparently didn't learn my lesson the first time. It's part of the reason why I write so I'm able to work through  my feelings, without having to share them with anyone until I've dealt with whatever it is.

I wouldn't really call most of what I write poems. It's why instead I call them reflections, to me it fits better because 90% of the time that's where they came from and having kept a journal for over 30 years, it's made looking back on my life easier. By seeing how events and choices I've made have changed the direction of my life and over time learning what I wanted wasn't what I needed. It became a choice of doing what was best for me or doing what felt good and safe without my needing to risk anything and not gaining anything of value either. Risk is a part of living without it growth is slowed so much, growing tends to be a bit painful most of the time this I know all too well. Learning to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve and keeping it in my chest where I'm able to protect it better. Is a lesson I would have liked to have learned much sooner than I did. It's all water under the bridge of life now. Do I have answers nope! Because I still have more questions then answers. So to anyone reading my reflections that's all it is the reflections of my life so far.

A few are inspired by people in my life who touched me in some way. Most didn't come from just one person but of the many people throughout my life for good or ill, that have shown me or brought to light my many flaws. I don't name the people or person who taught me lessons because I draw my own conclusion to what has been said not by just them but from many others as well. My Mother was the one who really inspired me to start writing in this format, as a way to rest my body and still work my mind. She knew me better than anyone and It's worked very well for me. I have Multiple Sclerosis even before I had it I've never been good at just sitting around. Having MS I've needed to strike a balance between the physical work I love to do and mental work I need to do. Because fatigue is a factor in getting everything I want to do done! Now I feel more balanced so I'm able to do what I need to do, without having fatigue become a factor, everything takes longer to get done and slowly I'm learning to be okay with that.

I do hope you enjoy them or at least find something you can relate to in them. 

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