Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sounds like we need more consumers

Enough already who is the #1 job creator in the world CONSUMERS! However if 90% of consumers don't make enough to feed themselves or their families. The economy can't grow, right now companies are buying their own stock back so they show a profit. Can this continue long term hell NO! What does a living wage do to the economy it lifts everything and everyone with it. As for the number of jobs lost the number of people working two jobs can afford, to quit one or cut back on the hours they work at the other job. Politicians need to blame someone for the mess they have made of this country, so they blame the poor really! Corporations are the ones raising the numbers of people needing welfare. Corporations are also receiving subsidies even when making huge profits, Congress won't rise taxes on the wealthy because it would also rise their taxes, congress needs to start working for people with a heart beat not a corporation without one. Just saying...

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