Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall wasn't finished, when Winter showed up!

Blowing a very cold breezy up my... Anyways did get a few pictures of our short lived Fall.
These two kids fell out of their nest.
Both were released back into the neighborhood.  

Nacho was the first to find them
He was quick to let me know they needed or made a sound.
After they went to the rehab center
Nacho and I got some much needed sleep  

Nacho and I took a walk to 
see the Mississippi

The mighty Mississippi
from the bluffs a few blocks from our house

Glad we went, getting out of the bluffs
wasn't as easy

The colors were bold

Love clouds 

 Some hung on to summer as long as they could.

The winds of fall 
Begins the season of sticks  

The last of the flowers

It's been a good year for the most part, my hands don't work as well as I'd like. I'm still able to walk, good thing Nacho loves going for walks. Started using map my walk, to see how far we were walking. The weather this summer was great for walking, early in the morning and as the sun was setting. Starting in late July until now, Nacho and I have walked 268 miles, in 87 hours, doing over 100 workout. If I didn't have the upright walker from the V.A. none of this would have happened.

Just a few years ago, it looked like the only choice I had was a wheelchair, at the time my leg's couldn't carry my weight and using a walker wasn't working because my wrists were too weak to hold me up. Because I thought my leg's would fail long before my arms would, mainly because that's what seemed to happened to most of the people I knew of with M.S. No way did I ever think about losing the use of my arms or hands. Yet here I am spending hours writing this post. Having already tried, using the different voice programs to write for me. None have worked, mainly because my voice fades out, or the words aren't clear enough for the program to understand the words I had said. It's odd how what I thought would happen didn't happen the way I was ready to handle it. Life and the way things workout, can't be planned out. So all I can do is work with what still works, finding a balance between what works, what does not work and what works, or only works part of the time. Understanding balance is more about, doing what I can when I can for as long as I'm able. Not knowing if I'll be able to finish what I started has become a stress I work to control. The hardest piece so far has been, if I need help I'll ask for it! Anyone jumping in grabbing my fork and knife out of my hand as I'm cutting my salad! I've learned, to only go out to eat with people who would never do that because, when I need help I will ask for it! My cutting my salad maybe hard to watch, it's one of those things I'm better at doing myself! 

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