Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I've been doing wrong, working at getting back on track.

The totals for September on map my walk, are in Nacho and I walked 98 miles I've set my goal for October at 100 miles. That was before last Sunday’s shopping trip to Cub, stocked up on Dr. Pepper, Coke and water all on sale and I had a manufacturer’s coupon too, stacked it all on my wheels. Jane went to get bread I was going check out the BOG1 ice cream, my front wheels bent sideways my load of seven 12 packs pop was slipping off, I stopped them from falling using my right arm heard a popping sound, felt something tearing in my elbow got everything righted walked backward found Jane got check out, told her what happened and that I'm done shopping, she laughed knowing how much I like to shop. With my elbow the way it is, I’ve been unable to use my walker for 3 days. However Nacho and I have been playing fetch inside and out, I've been learning how to throw left handed, since I lost the ability to throw using my right hand some time ago, the ball is finally going over five feet most of the time. Been trying to get into see my doctor for a few days, Thursday she works in the same day clinic at the V.A. I'll call first thing so I can be seen by her, Jane will drop me off on her way to work, that way I can also have my wheels checked out and take a cab ride back home. After I find out what’s going on with my right elbow and arm, I hope if nothing else they can modify my walker so Nacho and I can start going for walks again. Soon that white blanket of snow will make going for a walk, more like mountain climbing. Last year mountain climbing season lasted almost 6 months with all the spring rain turning to ice overnight. Winter in Minnesota with or without snow it will be cold at times even colder than the North Pole, I'm still thinking about fitting my walker with ski that latch under the wheels with so few people shoveling their sidewalk’s around here, might make getting around easier for me and spend less time on my butt in the snow. Enjoy the fall as long as you can I know the season of sticks is not far behind.

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