Thursday, August 14, 2014

Baby Squirrels

Update on Squirrels
Both are doing fine, released back into the neighborhood. Not in my backyard thank goodness, we have a huge number squirrels being close to the Mississippi river it's a good thing. My feeder is a circle of life, more than a few birds of prey have grabbed  a snack or two because they winter just south of us. 

The Eagles have started moving in for winter it's a bit early, so it's looking like we'll have another hard winter. Many say we have way too many squirrels and rabbits, yet every spring since we moved here the numbers of rodents are down by 2/3 without the rodents, we would lose 3/4 of the Birds of prey that winter here. Keeping both in balance and healthy so we can enjoy both. With all the dogs and cats, chasing the squirrels, rabbits and mice, it's not a easy meal for the Birds of prey the smart squirrels, rabbits and mice will live and circle continues.     

This was the baby Nacho got a hold of when it fell out of its nest 

The bigger one is the brother of the first one to fall, what a difference one day makes.  

Tiny cute little baby

Substituting for a real squirrel mommy, is very hard work energy levels I don't have. Dam m.s. for my limitations!!

Nacho's limitations didn't hold up any better than mine. When the squirrel cried Nacho came running and whined with them, if Nacho whined they started to cry out. Needless to say not much sleeping, was happening for anyone in the household. Squirrels cry so loud it can be heard outside the house with the windows shut!

Tuesday we took them to The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Where they will take good care of both them.

Meet my first rescued Squirrel "Tony" from when I was in High School.

 I named him but he wasn't a pet after he stopped living in the garage. He continued to live in the trees near our house. Tail as long as his body. 


kmilyun said...

Oh the cute little squirrels and they are safe! Lots of stuff MS limits our ability to do. You took the time to make sure they were taken in and cared for - sadly more than many folks would do.

the pic of Tony and his long tail is great. Nacho looks kind of cute too LOL

Andaje said...

You changed disability into ability :) Those squirrels were lucky to encounter you and Nacho!!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank you kmilyun and Andaje for your comments, Both are now back in the neighborhood released a few weeks ago.

Jan, hands down tiny babies squirrels are very cute. The healthier a Squirrel is the bigger the tail gets, it's tail works as umbrella too! :)