Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The line between love & hate is huge

The line between

Negativity, hate an unwillingness to compromise.
People passing judgment on each other, it seems like everybody is doing.
Speaking lies as if the truth.
Calling people names meant to cause them pain, feeling ashamed and worthless. Attaching labels, to whole groups of people, showing who is to blame for every problem we face today.
Is this what the human race has become?

Love and hate is huge!

Not small or a fine line between each other.
Love can overcome any obstacle put in its path
I’m talking about real passion something money can't buy
Power can’t control manipulate or displaced
Can't be found in a book written by mankind
A faith no human can pass judgment upon.

We are here because of an act of nature
Never started or ended a war
Its balance can be tipped only so far
Tip it too far it will find its balance
It’s the miracle under our feet
Made up like us of star dust
The very dust needed
To make rain
Its history shows us what happens
When its balance isn't maintained
By recycling mistakes made
Over and over… again
Free Will and a choice
We aren't the first or the last

Find and be the positive you want to see
around you.

By Mary K. Mennenga

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