Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Doctor told me to slow down!! LOL

Went to the V.A. for a follow up about my gut. Jane dropped me off early so I could take my wheels (evolution standup walker), in to see if they could fix my brakes and arm rest. The technician came and worked on it for a bit, when took it down hall without a word leaving me leaning against the wall. Realized he wasn't coming back anytime soon, I sat down 45 minutes later he came back with a brand new blue walker awesome! Needless to say Nacho and I are rolling along!

On to my appoint with Dr. G. my GP after a few tests and results from the computer, she told me your not capable of holding up to the fasting for a colon test, I was so looking forward to that. Jane wrote a note of things I needed to talk to her about, my left arm was giving me trouble weak, couldn't straighten it out, the x-ray showed Calcium build up, due to overuse. The others tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, she check me out then she sat down typed into computer after she was done. She turned give me the up and down look then told me to slow down your doing too much, asked about an inhaler for my asthma, told me your lungs are clear, and to wear a mask when I’m outside or around mold, again told me to slow down.

After telling friends about her statement to slow down. Need to say I've got great friends and family around me! Before M.S. I had many speeds it depended on what it was I was doing. With my limitation it's just two speeds go and done! It takes me two or more days, to finish a task that used to take hours,  I still feel if I went any slower I would be going in reverse. Have a few spots on the back of my left leg, Dr. G. is setting me up with dermatologist.

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