Thursday, May 8, 2014

Power and money will buy you many things

The United States of America
By Mary K. Mennenga

There was a time not so long ago
We were proud of being our brother’s keeper
That the next generation did better than the last
Children are the future and the hope of all
When they fail, we all pay a price
Blaming the old, sick the poor and young
Many will agree with you
It easy to slap a label on or group them all as one
Our natural resources were life giving clean water and air
Balance between the need of nature, mankind
Both together will insure this planet is able to thrive
Humans are responsible for insuring it will remain safe for generations
We have only this world to live on
Humans are entrusted with its care.
Nature is stronger than, humans a fact proven by human history of mistakes  
Can we afford to continue being
The me and mine standing alone against the power of weather
Money and power will not fix what’s happening to our world
For its part of the cause
Greed has its price its life and freedom
The human race may continue if we choose to work together as one.
With our hearts, minds and spirit together as one
We are capable of making the sacrifices
To save the only home we have
Change is never easy
Nothing worthwhile ever is
Without clean air and water
What will happen to the human race?

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