Monday, July 11, 2011

This my rant: May and might

Before you start reading this, I'm not a doctor and I have no answers this is about my own observation of what I'm learning after doing a few day's of research. This is a rant born out of frustration after doing that research

Trying to understand why after years of research. That many of the research study findings said it proved, this may or might be a factor in why people get M.S. Maybe I'm just not smart enough or am I so dumb, that it's all going over my head God I hope not!  Okay isn't the reason for doing a research study to prove that a statement is fact! This where I get lost, when I read may or might be a factor wouldn't that make the findings inconclusive! So the findings have proved what we already know the environment is a factor in M.S.

Now about M.S. drug's that starts out with.We are not sure how or why this works. However it did seem to help 70% of the people in our research control study group, what is not said is the part how many dropped out of study or the + or - % margin of error, In very small print about the long term results the projected figures are +/-10 to 15%  52% many of the studies are  run by the drug company that will produce it  and profit from the sale of it. No it's not a cure, lets not forget there's very little money to be made in finding a cure, when much more can be made by looking for one. Two days of wasting my time was a bit upsetting, learning that making money is more important then... Sorry I just can't finish that statement.

Yes some research that's done is honest and truthful I know. It just seems to be more about the money than the well being of the patient.


Karen said...

Yep...not much to be gained by big pharma if a cure is found. It is money that makes the world go around, and keeps the sick...well...sick.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I say yes and no. When I saw that my Doctor, the researcher, wanted to kill the disease, he believed in Copaxone and Avonex. If it did not prevent disease progression, it would not be so expensive. He made me believe and he made no money from it. this may help us understand. great post.mary

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Karen,It's hard to cure if the cause is unknown
Mary Thank's I've been both Copaxone and Avonex. mary k.