Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My window to the world

A different kind of post from me, it's just to hot to be outside so I watch from my window this is some of what I see.

I'm not big on watching people, I watch the critters mostly and these two love that the bird's are messy eaters.

Breakfast under the tree!
The bird bath is in the back yard and it's always stays in the shade:-)

Here are some shots of last winter!

These were taken 12-12-10 on top this 34 inches we got another 84 inches. None of it started melting until mid March and was gone the last week of April, the last snow fell on May 12 if I remember right.

Right now I wouldn't mind a bit of last winter Back Today!


Andaje said...

It's crazy isn't it: when is too warm we want winter, and when it's too cold in the winter we want summer :o) Right now, is just want the rain to go away

Kate said...

Hi hope alls is well, what lovely pictures, not a bad view at all.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

That's the truth.
When it's too cold you can always put on more clothes:-)
When it's too hot there are no more clothes to take off but your still HOT! LOL

As for the rain I'm totally with you on that one;-)

Karen said...

Our grass has turned brown, our flowers are wilting, and I think I can hear the trees whimpering from lack of water! Gonna be 120F tomorrow! Bring on a Canadian winter I say! I can't wait.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

We are having a day break in the weather today. Friday it will be 90 but without the high dewpoints thank goodness. Last night a front from Canada came down and removed the high dewpoints and cooled down in no time flat. With the high dewpoint here we had rain almost every day. Karen I hope you get a cool down really soon for you!