Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh my what a week!

Now that the sun has come out and the rain has stopped, maybe now my little garden will really start growing, I have cucumbers, green beans and two kinds of tomatoes. Bell peppers I've planted three so some will be green, yellow and red. The herbs have loved this cool wet weather and are doing great, I've already been harvesting and if they keep this up I'll need to thin them out quite a bit. Some I'll move into the house for the winter, I just love having fresh herb's to cook with in winter, I've also been thinking I may want to make herb bag's for the winter season.  This year I may have gone over board with the herb's just a bit, okay more then likely way too much. Growing all my herb's in pots, they do like to spread out and for balance I enjoy having some lawn in the yard, to sit out and look at the garden. The herbs I have are: sage, rosemary and thyme and no because of the song. Three kinds of mint spearmint, chocolate and English.  As well as sweet and purple basil, Italian oregano, tarragon and marjoram yep that's it.

My neighbors tell me my yard smells good enough to eat. Living inside of the city it does stink from  all the pollution, it's the reason I don't hang my wash out on the line to dry, the smell alone makes me nauseous, having that pollution next in my skin now somebody tell me how that can be good. Just because something smells good does not make it clean. Sorry I didn't mean to go off on a tangent like that.

Oh well now lets go back to the garden. Last year I thought  I had killed all of my hosta for sure! Of course I was wrong yet again for they are the bigger then they have ever been. The weather has been  perfect cool and wet, now all I need is sunshine and just enough heat to have a good crop, hopefully better then last year at the very least.

To one and to all, my is hope as we celebrate summer we  remember to take to time out to just smell the flowers. To not hold back the joy of learning some new. Spending time with the people you love and taking the time to share with the people who love you.


Anonymous said...

Reading about your garden is the next best thing to actually sitting in it. You do a very good job of recreating the experience for your reader.

Peace Be With You blog

Sorry I had to comment as anonymous but unless the following changes are made, I will have to continue being anonymous.

Stumped at commenting
on some of my treasured blogs,
I offer this cure.

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hit settings and then comments,
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Karen said...

I too love to cook with fresh herbs. I have basil, rosemary, parsley and lemon verbena in my garden. Red, yellow and orange tomatoes and patty pan squash. Summer is short here in Canada, we have to make the best of the growing season while we can.

Suzanne said...

Your garden sounds wonderful! I used to love spending time in our garden. Your post got me excited about gardening again. Don't have one where we live now but I will soon enough.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Okay Judy peace be with you, thanks now it's fixed thanks.
Karen, your garden sound great!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hopes your garden continues to trend upwards! Have a great rest of summer. Mary

Andaje said...

How I wish I had a garden *sigh* or even a balcony to my appartment, since I would have made that balcony into a garden.. oh well some say hope is for the dreamers.
Love your post I can almost smell the herbs and flowers from here.

kmilyun said...

Your garden sounds delightful! I planted a few peppers, some thyme, lemon cucumber, and a few flowers. We have a very small patio/yard so mostly container gardening for me.

Natures fragrances do ward of the city stink.


Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. For me touching the earth is a grounding experience even when it's in a pot. Everthing in the garden is reaching for the sun and going out right after the rain, I swear I can smell it growing and for a time it over powers the stink of the city. Mary