Sunday, July 17, 2011

Here comes the HEAT

Started 7-15
The normal high for this time of year 84 degrees, however starting Saturday through the follow week it will be 90+ degrees with dew point in the upper 60 and 70 so the heat index will be over 100 degrees, right now it's 74 degree Yesterday the high was 77 degrees all last week the dew point was in the mid 40 to the low 50. To be honest I don't know how those of you who live where that is the normal, handle this kind of heat even when I was stationed in Kentucky which was 30 years ago it was hard to handle back then. 

7-16 lowest temp was 78
Yes I know it's all relative but after my trip to florida in march I'm a bit nervous. This heat wave may last longing then two weeks. Last year we had a small one that lasted for less then 5 days but we lost power 3 times and I almost lost it. With the weather having been cooler then normal this year, I'm having more trouble than I did last summer. It will be okay I've got a plan in case all hell breaks loose and we have rolling black outs, I'll go to the V.A. it's only 3 miles from the house, I do know a few that may give me a ride to get there, if I ask them or I can always call a taxi.

7-17 low temp 81
After last winter you would think, I'd be a little more thankful for some heat, what's come isn't heat for me it's too much HOT with air so thick it would be easier to drink than breath. Talk about climate change January coldest was around -10 degrees below zero with a windchill of -25 meaning that's how cold it felt. If we do reach the +99 degrees with a heat index of 115 degrees that's a swing of 140 degrees I think. The normal swing is around 81 degress. As I finish this the temp is 92 the heat index is 110 and it's only 1:40pm.


Karen said... too. Today it was 104 with the humidex. Monday 108, Tuesday 100, Wednesday 104, Thursday 109, Friday 106...if the forecast is correct. I hope they are really really wrong.
Keep cool.

Suzanne said...

Mary, I hope it cools off a little for you soon.

It's been 90-100 degrees here in Kansas with high humidity and it's dragging everyone down.

I am lucky. Heat doesn't seem to bother me the way it does many PWMS. I can't hang around in high heat for a long time and it does make me tired but, not bad. My big problems come with barometric pressure changes more than anything, and the cold, and lack of sunshine here in winter makes me feel miserable.

Stay cool.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank's Karen and Suzanne, The heat index yesterday was 117 degrees, we set a new all time record high for the dewpoint 82 degrees. Today will be hotter heat index 119+ is what I've been told;( Thurday will be better only 88 degrees with dewpoints in the 60's That will work better for me!

Have Myelin? said...

I tried commenting once....let me try again. =)

That is HOT.

It doesn't get that hot here. I get frustrated with peeps here since they complain about it being "hot" here. They don't know. I used to live in Texas, I know what HOT feels like.

I am sorry... =(

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Have Myelin: I also was in Texas with the Army for a short time and yes it's very hot and dry where we were and during the day 110+ almost every day. It hadn't rained there in over 7 years. It's all relative. No need to be sorry, as always feel free to speak your mind and I will speak mine!