Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friendship And The Loss of Hope

Is the best way to keep a friendship...
...To not talk about what you believe?
...To not talk about anything but what you both agree on?
...To hide your pain and fear's as well as your dreams and joy?
...To share only what is safe, and can't be misunderstood or taken in a negative way?
...To keep your distance so you don't get too close that your feeling show?
...To tell only what you think they want to hear?
...Don't ask what they think about something it may make them uncomfortable?
...Talk about the weather, sharing how you feel about it can be risky so be careful?
...If you don't hear from them for some time only call once!
...You don't want to bother or upset them!
...If you don't hear from them again don't worry, not everyone going to like you
...They aren't willing to take any risk, it's better to just let them go

I believe any kind of  friendship requires that risk's are taken by both people, a willingness to accept that each point of view isn't right or wrong it's just how they each see it. Understanding when it become about only who is right and who is wrong and neither one is willing to accept it's not about winning or losing.  It's understanding each other's right to disagree. If two friends can't set a side their differences and see the possibility of compromise and understanding. That's when  you see a possible future without compromise or understanding. When people live in fear, when money is more important then compassion and hope.

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Anonymous said...

I think your right how can anyone think it not about points of veiw and just understanding no one is the same every thing is relative. keep writting I like the way your thinking! Now you want to talk to my friends they just don't get it. Thank you.