Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tis the season of change and of Hope and Joy

     As the cold north winds of November, start blowing across Minnesota. Having had the first snow of the season a short time ago, the changing from fall to winter has begun. When the amount time spent outside depends, on how many layers of clothing I'm wearing and not how much I have yet to do, before the winter snow covers everything in a blanket of white. It's the time for replacing rakes with shovels, lawnmowers with snow-blowers. Garden gloves are put away until white is replaced with green once more.
     It's no mistake I'm sure, that the holidays come this time of year. To distract me just enough so I don't notice or mind, that my little spot of the world has gone to sleep or so it seems. Now I've gone from trying to keeping the heat out to trying to keep the heat in.
     With the coming of the New Year. The memories made this year are more good with only a few being sad. As for the bad just aren't worth holding on to, so I don't!
     Having to say goodbye to my Mother in April. Missing her isn't anything I need to get over or work through, it's just the way life works. Knowing she is free and reunited with her family and friends, everything is as it's should to be. For me being able to feel her love surrounding me is more than good enough for me. As she told me many times "Dying is just the last piece of living we have to get done. Now if you don't handle it well then I didn't do a good job of teaching about life! Did I." So I will miss her and life does go on, just as she told me it would. 

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