Saturday, November 27, 2010


Taking Christ out of Christmas is really much harder then you may think! The use of the letter X means; 1.Christ 2.Christian, so useing X-mas is only an abbreviation for Christmas. For me no matter how it's written, the spirit of Christmas, is about not what I get or how much the gift I give costs or the amount of time it took me to find just the right gift. It's about the giving that's done from the inside this can and sometimes does costs more, than the price of the most expensive gift I've ever given. To me the very best gift I've ever received is the gift God gave to everyone! Love, hope and grace in the form of his only begotten Son. About the cost of this gift we have all been given, accepting it is only the first step, sharing the love with everyone without judgement or condition the same way it was given to you. Remembering I'm flawed making me unqualified to judge anyone and if I stand in judgement of anyone so shall I also be judged, I do my best not to do that trying to just live and let live knowing we are all flawed. Realizing I'm doing the best I can with what I've got, just like every body else.

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Anonymous said...

Now if people would try to keep the spirit of Christmas (X-mas) in thier heart all year that would be something great!