Thursday, November 25, 2010


In every group of people there seems to be that one person, who I'm going to call Glue. Who is the one that holds all the different personalities together. When Glue isn't there for whatever reason, the group become dysfunctional why is that? What makes that one person so important?
     Is it because Glue is so loved by everyone in the group. That each person is willing set a side their differences and to play nicely with one other, at times not saying what you really think or feel. Instead holding back so Glue won't get upset because of friction within the group. The group works as a team not letting the little things get in the way of visiting with Glue.
     I'm very sure Glue saw it for what it was, and was very happy the group was willing to do this for Glue's sake. Glue was very smart and was willing to take what Glue could get sometimes even if it was a bit of an illusion, Glue didn't mind Glue just missed things the way it used to be before some of the first members had gone, that's all.
     Glue knew the group had changed as all things and people do over time. Glue knew everyone in the group loved Glue very much and Glue loved everyone very much. This does not mean the members of this group don't love and care for each other because I'm very sure we all do. With each being raised by very strong willed and independent people it's the history we all share together that will always unite this group. Knowing if needed the group will always be there to support each other. Plainly put basis don't change! 

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I'm sure you maybe writting about your family but it fits for my family too. Thank you