Thursday, November 8, 2012

The older I get,

I'm saying goodbye more often than I'm saying hello, I don't find it sad living and dying are part's of life. What I remember the most are the people who have touched my life enriching it as they come, stay and or go. The amount of time that was spent together isn't as important, it's what we each gained in the time spent together. Haven't had a friend that agreed with me on every issue and I'm glad, be a bit boring if we did. Have been told many times I shouldn't talk about subjects like politics and religion but I still do. It's cost me a few friends over the years. It's too bad in a the way because, if by questioning each others perspective on these two issues, puts a wedge in our friendship it's sad.
Looking at information in different ways because no one see things in the same way. It helps me to see information from an opposite points of view, to challenge my own view. Time and history has taught me I don't know what I don't know! Learning also if I'm unwilling to listen with an open mind to people they will do the same to me, if not it ends in a shouting match and we both lose.


kmilyun said...

I guess the adage of with age comes wisdom applies to me? Life is to short and friendships to precious to not respect each others opinions.

Luckily, (if I remember correctly) I have only lost one friend over a religious or political disagreement.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

kmilyun, Your right! Some of the friendships I've lost, once the yelling started we both stopped hearing the other. A few we may touch base every few years but the easy we once had seems gone, replaced with an odd sense of loss.