Thursday, September 27, 2012

The growing season here has ended.

Putting the garden to rest for this year, is a sad day! It was a killing frost for my garden, with the temperatures only getting into the sixty's for highs, the wind blowing in dryer and colder air with so little moisture. The battle wasn't worth the energy I would use, to get such a small reward. As the sun moves south, I start thinking to next years garden not this year took out the compost bin, it's too big and more work then I'm able to deal with. Next year I'll do my herb's and add in some ground cover and perennial's that are less work, of course my potted flowers. Time to cut back a bit on a few things I do in the heat of summer, with my energy levels dropping so much in the heat of summer. 
Having Nacho who is a joy having around, he is fill out and getting stronger and bigger every day, thankfully hes taking the training very well. Still he is a puppy who loves chewing on his toys, now many no longer have stuffing in them but he still plays with them. Skyli came over last Saturday for a play date with Nacho they both had a great. Nacho treats Skyli more like his mom. Jane and Joyce took them both for a walk, I was glad for I needed a rest.

Most of the time I'm eating real food but I still need to go back to liquids for a few day's or a week at most, no need to worry my doctor is watching my levels closely and so far it's all good. Still my heat muscle is going into spasms not as strong or as long. There is nothing wrong with my heart, of course like most crap it all starts in my M.S. brain. The good part is I'm under 150 pounds for the first time in years! It's much easier getting around this way!
Have a question I want need to ask. Has one had or heard of a dog, that begs and I do mean the whole nine yards, with crying, whining acting as if he'll die a horrible death if he doesn't get some of those, raw vegetables carrots, cucumbers? In my life I for one have never seen a dog go nut's for raw vegetable! Nacho loves them just as much if not more then his dog treats!  


kmilyun said...

I have had one dog that begged and carried on until receiving what he felt was his fair share of carrots and such. he dug up all our radishes one year and ate them - not great for his digestive system.

Catfish and Annie love carrots and Annie likes celery too. she will carry one like she has not eaten in a hundred years if someone is eating carrots.

So yeah I have experience this

Great dog pics glad to hear Nacho man is getting along so well and part of the family


Mary K. Mennenga said...

Jan,Now many are singing and calling Nacho man. I'm no longer in hot water over the Taco!lol
Thank you I've never had a dog do that before! so glad I'm not going nut's well not about this anyways!

kmilyun said...

Nope your not nut's about this. Just look up the veggies before you him eat them as some (probably the duh factor here) not good for them.

Every time you post about Nacho the song goes through my head . ... at least it is not the song from flipper LOL

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )