Friday, September 14, 2012

Scanned in old pictures of dogs.

These are some pictures of the dogs in my life, all have a special place in my heart. The negatives for these pictures are long gone with the passage of time. Making some one of a kind, the same can be said about each dog I've known.

Honey Girl
We got her when we moved to Wisconsin, she took to training like a champ house broken in two weeks. Border training was a must living in country with wild animals like  Bear, Bobcat's, and many other's. Deer and dog's where we lived was a problem because some people trained dog's to chase deer, making it easier to hunt by having the dog's chase the deer toward the hunting party! Like hunting isn't easy enough, having a gun! So if your dog is seen chasing a deer it can be shot on sight! The border training took only two months, we lived there for 13 years. Over the years the deer learned she would only go so far. Honey Girl would sit there barking for me to come out, so she could go over the border line. The Deer stood there eating teasing her because her back was to me I'd let the screen door slam, so she would turn to see me by the time she turned back around the deer were gone into the woods. She would follow me everywhere, with one exception the road when I went to the mail box. 

6 weeks old

Honey at 6 months
At age 13

The many faces
Of Honey Girl

The first Christmas in our house

Rusty and me 1972

Heidi was my dad's hunting dog, My dad taught Heidi how jump over the fence, bad part was he used our back yard fence to train her. Not long after that she was gone. Sorry no picture of her.
Rusty found me where I was 10 years old, becoming a part of our family. The name I gave him didn't stick thank goodness, didn't know the name I'd picked was a word you want to be yelling to a dog. My cousin Peter if I remember right was the one helped find a better name so I called Rusty and he turned around and looked at me. Not long after that I learned what name meant. Peter thank you so much! No I will not say what I wanted to call him. Rusty was a really great dog, we all loved him very much. Rusty had a few major flaws the ones I remember the most are.
Was him running away, don't how many times Mom had to get him from the dog pound but it was a lot. When Mom found out Rusty would just jump into the cage! Mom said she wasn't going pay to get him again! But she did many more times she loved him too!
My brothers and I would be watching T.V. when Mom would say ouey, ouey (ouch) and Rusty would start barking and chewing on mostly my brother's elbow, after we all calmed down asking why did she do that, she said "I thought you kids maybe getting bored.
One Christmas our cousin asked if he could feed Rusty who was feed one piece at a time or he would get sick, making it fun by balancing one on his nose, telling okay. After awhile my cousin asked how much does he eat? Mom didn't answer him instead she asked him how much have you given him? He answered with a number that I don't recall  I think it was between 3-5, normally Rusty got one pouch twice a day. All Mom said was that's enough. When Mom was asked why didn't you yell at him for feeding the dog way too much? Mom said "Because I didn't tell him how much to feed Rusty. It's really my fault, not his."

For me being the youngest and having a dog was great I was never lonely. Rusty never told me what to do or push me away because I was too little. Mean for no reason and fly off the handle. He listened to me even when I knew I wasn't making any sense. When I cried he gave me kisses would lay his head , always ready to play and rough house without hurting me. Guess that's why I get along with animals much better then I do most people, it's not sad it's the truth and I'm really okay with that.          


Kit Minden said...

Great memories!

Have Myelin? said...

I get along with dogs better than people too. =)

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Kit yes they are Thanks for commenting.

Have Myelin,It's nice not being alone. For me it's an honest relationship can't talk=can't lie. The only thing they steal is food and your heart which we freely give. Have a great weekend.