Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big dog toy shopping for Nacho.

All the toys we had were for smaller dog's, Nacho made short work  of removing stuffing and the squeakers didn't have a chance, Oh the horror of it all with pieces part's of each everywhere! Some were every old with half of the stuffing taken out of them long ago.

Nacho came with to help pick out his new toys, when we got home I started removing the tags and tossing each one into the living room, he talked and chewed each of them. Got him two new bigger balls that he can't push under the fence! Okay I'll admit I got them for me! Getting down to grab them wasn't much fun for me. Nacho has been sleeping for a few hours, hes so cute when he sleeps, his feet move like hes run after something. Softly I'll tell him to get them and his and his feet will move faster. The man of house is awake time to go out and play some more. Nacho is a joy to be around, to him things are something to eat or to play with and later try to find out if there's something to eat inside of it!

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kmilyun said...

Annie says all toys need squeakers removed that is why they are there - a puzzle to occupy.

Catfish says that squeakers are suppose to stay inside so they can well squeak.

Bigger balls - good solution!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Nacho is with Annie about squeakers, out they MUST come.LOL
Nacho loves the new bigger balls.