Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Nacho who has come to us from Greece

This is Nacho
He's got here on Saturday.  

Nacho is a mixed German wired hair pointer, the breed traits are spot on. He is a quick learner, calm and friendly the best part is he loves Jane and follows her everywhere, he likes me too. Nacho is so easy going, loves being petted. Enjoys going for walks and is really good on the leash, doesn't pull well until he sees a squirrel, he'll stop point giving Jane time to tell him no! He'll keep watching but doesn't try to run or chase it. The coolest part is Jane's in charge and in control he listens to her command's and mine. Which makes me very happy. If or when I get sick again they will have each other, so I can concentrate on getting better. Jane worries so much about me, Having Nacho to keep her busy will help her, so I won't need to worry about her.
Jane was hiding and he found her, I did the same and he didn't even look for me, until Jane asked him where I was. Nacho sees Jane as the alpha of our family and I'm really okay about it because she is. Facing the truth and admitting it isn't hard, doesn't mean I have to like it. 

Nacho has decided sleeping on his bed's is better then the floor.

He has moved the dog toys so he has some on or near each of his beds, he likes tug of war, he understands fetch bringing it back needs work. He's young and doing all the fun puppy stuff. He's met Sadie Brian's dog they will be sharing the yard it went really well, Brian and Nacho got along great, Lisse and Mr. Owen came over last night that was great, Mr. O at first wasn't sure he wanted to share Jane with this pup, Mr. O realized he didn't have a choice, Jane loves both of them so he made the best of it. Mr. Owen I think knows there's no way, Nacho will fit in Jane's chair with her in it, Mr. O is a very smart guy!

As for me, I keep messing up and calling Nacho Taco Jane and others keep correcting me. The question, is it brain fog or am I hunger for Taco's? Well I've never had a dog named after food. After Jane called him Taco, she said his name is Nacho! So that's what it is, I'll work harder at calling him Nacho.

Nacho has found a home in our hearts and we have found a home in his heart.


Sherri said...

He's very pretty! I love his face...so expressive!

Karen said...

Oh he's cute! He looks very comfy in his new home. Merfy has the same squirrel stuffy toy that Nacho has in the 5th photo!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Sherri, Yes he is, how could anyone not, he even smiles. Those Puppy dog eye's, are made to melt the hardest of hearts.

Karen, He's settling in so good, Nacho loves that squirrel, he has two one with stuffing and one without.

kmilyun said...

Ok I have to go here:

nacho, nacho man, yeah
I've got to be, a nacho man . ...

Silly but all my pups have their own songs.

He is so cute! good that he recognized the alpha (even if it is not you LOL).

Mary K. Mennenga said...

kmilyun, Glad you did, too funny and he loves it.LOL

Like most dog's he's smart, I enjoy watching him follow Jane everywhere she goes! The plus side, I get to use the bathroom all by my self with the door shut!LOL

Muffie said...

Oh, what a little cutie!! Does he understand the commands in English, since he's from Greece? I hope you and Jane have tons of fun with him!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Muffie, Yes he understands English, sounds he knows much better like when his food or the treat box are opened, no need to say a word for he comes a running in.lol

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

He is so sweet looking...and I can see he is at home with yall now

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Kim, Thanks he is such a joy and loves everyone he meets, Jane most of all:)