Monday, August 27, 2012


By Mary K. Mennenga

I can't understand
Why words are used as weapons
Words hurt more when coming
From a friend
It's a hit to the heart
That eats from the inside out
Speaking your mind is one thing
Using words to knock a person down
Is always wrong
In life there are so many hard choices
That must be made to keep us safe
Everyone is different
 A decision had to be made
No matter what anyone thinks
Of the choice that was made
It wasn't your choice to make
Know me well enough to understand
It wasn't an easy choice to make
As with all the choices I've made in my life
I'm the one that will live
With the choice I made


Kit Minden said...


I will listen to you with love and respect.
I will recognize your sorrows and celebrate your joys.
I will let you grow and change without judgment.
I will be your friend.

I will not resent the others whom you choose to love.
I will not undermine you with hidden barbs.
I will not deny your pain or belittle your faith.
I will be your friend.

I will respect your choices for yourself, even when I would not choose the same path
I will honor your view of yourself, even when I do not see through the same window.
I will value your perceptions, even when I cannot perceive the same vision.
I will be your friend.

You are a gift to me; a jewel in the diadem of my life.
You reflect the blessed sunlight; you illuminate my days.
You let me touch the stars and bask in the silver glow of the moon.
You will be my friend.

© Kit Minden

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thanks Kit, I'm glad you are my friend.