Sunday, August 26, 2012

The State Fair and other news.

The Minnesota State Fair, called by many the great Minnesota get together. Jane and I went on opening day along with over 103,000 other folks. It turned out to be a great day not to hot or cold with a nice breeze, so we both were comfortable. I rented a scooter, with hills and the distance for one end to the other it's the only way I could enjoy it. Every year Jane and I eat our way through the fair, most of the food at the fair is on a stick like Hot dish, Ice cream Sunday both are okay the best is a pork chop on a stick. With the number of people that come people watching is easy and it's Jane favorite pass time, after around 3 hours Jane said "Not one person looks the same!" The state fair is a huge mix of all the people that live in Minnesota, that really is a great part of the fair.

The 4H animals that make it to the state fair have already won at the local fair's across the state seeing how hard these young people work, knowing there will only be one winner the kids are all happy no matter who wins, a big part of the Minnesota nice we are called by some people I think, comes from those kid's.

The other news is a dog found our landlord's while on vacation in Greece, Her name is Elaina she is a Shepard mix. While Elaina was waiting to come here she made a friend and his name is Nacho long story short our landlord asked if we wanted to take care of Nacho until they can find him a forever home. After what Ben did to Jane, she wasn't sure about us getting another dog because she was so afraid of dogs. Knowing that we would dog sitting Mr. Owen he loves Janefor a few days at first Jane was a little jumpy but Mr. Owen is such a lover and follows Jane where ever she goes. By the time Mr. O's Mommy came home. Jane felt a lot better and started talking about Nacho and looking forward to taking care of him. So it's still a wait and see what our landlord's are going to do. When Elaina and Nacho arrive and they go and pick them up. They may have had a change heart or on trip back they may have falling in love, with Nachos as they did with Elaina.

This is the link to see a short video of Elaina and Nachos


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