Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Fourth of July

Thankfully things in this country have changed a lot since it's first Birthday! For me having been around for fifty of them, with age so much has changed. As a kid the whole family went to a lake for fun in the sun, food, swimming and a sunburn or two for about everyone! In my teens it was floating on an inner tube down a river with my Mom and her sisters and us kids. Good food, swimming and not as many sunburns. In my twenty's alcohol and partying with friends, getting out of town and far away from my family. Swimming including skinny dipping food was munches, more alcohol was consumed then food. Few slept alone that night, trying to remember the person's name the next today, to say good bye wasn't easy. When the light of day was burning into my head! After those wild years passed into history. It became what it once was all about family friends and firework's.

Now I work at finding my balance, between fun and a little sun, staying cool maybe a small fire, watching the fireworks show on T.V. Before I float off to sleep with my memories of the Fourth of July when I was a kid with my family, I say a little prayer thanking God for this day and asking if I could have one more day, if not that's okay either way I'll see You when I wake, Amen!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4 of July!!     


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the condensed version of your life experiences and then came back with the important things on July 4th. in America-family, fireworks, and friends...Oh oh yeah-we can't forget the memories!!! Have a great celebration tomorrow my fried...~

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Me too... let's talk, Thank you for your comment, the memories are great!Coming back to the reason for the celebration is the best part for me as well. Hope your fourth is great too my friend:)

Kit Minden said...

Getting older has the benefit of so many memories.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Kit, So very true, the trick is to hold the good ones and learn the lessons from the other's then let go!