Monday, July 30, 2012

Eating real food / follow-up appointment

Now I've been eating solid food two meals a day for six day's and let me tell you chewing food is wonderful. This is the longest since this started on June first so life is tasting very good!

Had my first follow-up appointment on Tuesday with my V.A. Doctor, about that 2 am trip to the E.R. My doctor told me after 4 doses of Nitroglycerin and having those tests done in less then 12 hours! Those test's results had better have come out good. Of course Hennepin County Medical Center had not yet send it to my V.A. Dr. G. so she ran a few more tests increased one of my med's then I was off to blood draw to fill even more test tubes, for some odd reason I think with all the blood that's been taking from me, maybe blood letting does help? Just kidding!

Turns out it was a bigger deal than I thought it was. What the Doctor said they do know it wasn't a heart attack. The Doctor isn't yet sure which one of the following it could be Angina or Congestive Heart Failure, also learned M.S. is also a risk factor. Because the scars can show up anywhere within the brain or spinal cord it's rare but, not as rare as it was first thought to be. by Causing interference with major command function. It's one of the reasons having M.S. sucks so much! You just never know what it will take or do to you next! But hey life is a crap shoot anyway! So what!! All I can do is the best I can with the hand life has dealt me, I for one am not going to sit around waiting for the other shoe to drop or worry about something, I have no control of out come anyway. Until the Doctor finds out what it was and what course of action I need to take to handle this. I'll keep doing what I've been doing since I got sick, taking better care of that I'm eating by keeping it real food.

At the end of each day, I pray and thank God for this day. Asking for one more day, if the answer is no. That's okay I know either way I'll wake feeling God's love surrounding me. Each day is a gift and I'm thankful for each one I get.


Sherri said...

oh mary! i can't believe you're having to go through all this garbage on top of the MS. bless your heart... i'm sending up lots of prayers for you...

i have had cardiac "problems" since i was about 19 years old... many work-ups, tests, and all that stuff & they never found anything specifically wrong.

now years later, the neurologist says it was MS all along... pft

anyhow, glad you are eating solids again... that can sure make a day seems so much more worth it :)

Nancy said...

Some how I feel better just before I have to go to an appointment. Blood made me chuckle. I thought I was having a heart attack and I was told it was muscle spasms which MS can can do anywhere in the body. Go figure. I decided also not to wait for the shoe to drop. Do what you can and pace yourself. You are a trooper. You inspire me ya know.

Karen said...

So sorry to hear about your trials Mary, but I am glad that you are once again eating solid food.

I'm not the type to wait around for the other shoe to drop either. Do what you can, enjoy each day and cherish the gift of life. None of us have any guarantee that we will be here tomorrow.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Sherri, Thank's for the prayers. When my GP Doctor said m.s. I dam near hit the floor, she's a smart lady.

Nancy, Glad it lighten your mood. Back at you on the inspire part.

Karen, Oh how I've missed solid food!

Sherri, Nancy and Karen
Guess none of us have time to waste waiting for that other shoe! Think I'll continue letting tomorrow worry for it's self. Thank you for sharing about your heart's also, wish someone would have put that in a m.s. book of symptoms, you know, just as a heads up.I sometimes forget the heart is also a muscle. Don't think I'll forget that one any time soon!!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wow, sorry to hear and glad you are on the mend. Plus ruling out some things can be a relief and having a work up is good. Best wishes.Mary

Viva Miller said...

SO great to hear you are feeling better... baby steps are good! Like everyone else I am SO sorry you have not been 'on easy' street as for your health! Dang... I know it must of been and is still scary not to know what was going on and why with your body! I do admire you for all the positive attitude you have through all this! I am sure that is a plus for you feeling better!

I completely agree with you to live day by day and being grateful for each minute we have been given! Bless your heart! Please know I've got you in my daily prayers and positive thoughts! Hang in there... and have a health real food bite for me... LOL =0)

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Travelogue, Thanks and your right all those test getting done is good. Your post For Mom was beautiful. Take care.

Viva, Thank you and yes it still scary me a bit, a touch of fear isn't a bad thing, it helps me be aware of what my body is telling me.

I've found it much easier being positive, because being negative is so much harder to overcome, both can be found in everything around us. However I choose to seek out the positive maybe, because at times it's harder to find.

Thank's so much and your in mine also. The bite for you was watermelon... tee hee