Friday, June 29, 2012

So how does Mary's garden grow

It's not a very big garden this year no cucumbers, I've got one tomato and pepper plant, of course my herb's are doing fine. Didn't plant as much as last year. The weather has been weird here and all over the world. Spring came early two days later more like summer then back again to spring, a week later winter then not enough rain then too much. All my flowers and herbs are in pots so if we get too much rain they can drain and if not I can water. Tuesday we had a high heat index warning, I went out early in the morning to give everything a bit of water also gave birds, squirrel food and water. Waited until the sun isn't shinning in the yard anymore, before I went back out there.

My goodness it was and still is HOT, now it's not as bad as other place's. It's our first heat wave of the year, it's a bit early but normal isn't what it used to be well, not in my lifetime anyway. Slowly getting things done around the house no rush, was able to give Ben a bath this week, he does like being clean. The upside to being sick and having to change my diet is I've lost 19 pounds that I didn't need to lug around anymore and my clothes fit and it feels great! Having M.S is one thing add in the flu and my digestive system that makes more acid then it needs I think it has m.s. too it's scared my intestines, much of the time everything work's okay, this just isn't one of them. Soon I'll find normal again no need to worry, it's just I miss chewing my food, having more better day's then bad and that's a good sign.


Kit Minden said...

I miss gardening, checking with gal friends about the latest flower blooming or which tomato tastes best!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Hi Kit, Having so much in pots makes it easier for me. Last year I planted an Organic Soldack (Heirloom Tomato Lycopersicon)nice juicy and tasty, I wasn't able to get one this year, got a late start this year.