Friday, July 13, 2012

Update on ... a bit of everyone

Started 7/11/2012
Let's start with the easy one first, it's going to get H-O-T again! Like I didn't see that one coming. haha Now for some good news Jane had her MRI & A, got the results today no change, will do a follow up in a year. (happy dancing)!! The garden is coming along with the smallest tomato's  and peppers showing up now, the flowers and herbs are enjoying the heat. The grass is in need of rain, watering isn't the same in so many ways when using city water. We may get some rain at the end of the week. Ben is getting much better at playing, he'll even bring me the toy because he wants to play fetch, he's getting stronger and has filled out nicely can't see his hip bones anymore. The shaking in fear is gone now he backs away with a growl and he barks like a big dog. The more he sees someone the better he is, Ben understands that I need help from Jane in more ways he getting better and now he only growls instead of showing her his teeth. As for me I'm holding up fine that heat wave wasn't any fun thank goodness for A/C! It's been nice being able to get outside even had a fire, in our new fire pit using the wood from the two trees one in front and the other in the backyard, each time the wind blows the old trees gives us more than enough dry wood for a nice little fire once in awhile.

Oop's 7/12/12 Was rudely interrupted by a 2:00am Ambulance ride to the  Hospital Emergency Room! Couldn't breath I thought and felt like I was having a heart attack. For many year's I've been told by many Doctor's my lung's had the start of C.O.P.D. and likely caused by emphysema, because I smoke cigarettes. I do have asthma triggered by mold that is controlled by keeps my home free of mold. Also been told by Doctor's that my heart muscle was weak due to anorexia and being under weight since I was a child until my late 20's. Most of my life I've had a low blood pressure reading averaging in 100~117 over 70~92,  I did have a heart attack caused by my blood pressure crashing that was many year ago. So I had little reason to think I was going to get any good news. 

After many blood test's, a stress test and many chest X-rays. The results came back, much to my surprise it all turned out to be good news. What they found was my lung's are clear of any blood clots, no C.O.P.D or emphysema my breath sounds were very good and my O2 stats rate were great 94~100% even then sleeping. The heart stress test results showed no blockage and found it to be strong and healthy, the heart enzymes blood tests came back good, only bad result was my protein level was low and they found that understandable because I've lost 24 pounds in the last six to eight weeks, was given liquid protein, let me tell you it tasted more like I was drinking salt worst tasting crap ever!!

Got back home late last night still not feeling that great, was told the stress test can cause that. Ben was so happy to see me, Jane was glad to have me home too, told me Ben had been looking for me and crying off and on the whole time I was gone. It's nice to know I was missed but, I didn't have any fun either so I too am very glad to be home. Will need to see my Doctor within the next few weeks, not looking forward to that and I have a few questions for her was well. Right now I'm just so glad to be back home and I'm starting to feel much better, still on a 60% liquid diet and eating only real food, the stuff that looks like it came from a plant and not a processing plant!! Maybe I'm better because I have been given good information, I didn't know before. So all in all I feel great about what I've learned in the 24 hours.   


Karen said...

It's hot here again too! Ah well, it is summer. Glad to hear your heart and lungs got a clean bill of health. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Karen, Thank's for commenting, yes it's summer I'm looking forward to fall already.Just being home is making me feel better, no place like it anywhere!:)Hope you have a nice weekend, stay cool :)

Viva said...

So very sorry you have had such a scarey experience...but then... I am SO happy you found out your heart and lungs are GREAT!!!! Bless your heart...and all of you! I'm sure your buddies are thrilled you are back home!

Always great to hear your garden is doing good! Home grown tomatoes are the BEST! Good for you!!!!!!!

Heat has been a scorcher here as well, I too am grateful to have AC! I too... DO NOT function when the heat hits me!

Hope yu continue on your road to recovery!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Viva, Thank's don't want to repeat that again ever! The heat were getting seem a bit early to me! Just waiting to get that first tomato. Yes they are Ben is following me around everywhere I go. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Mary

Mary Gerdt said...

Wow! Good news overall. Best wishes. Keep cool! mary

Nancy said...

Sorry to hear what you've been through. Dogs are so loyal. Glad your tests were good but the liquid protein is nasty stuff. Sorry I haven't visited awhile. Had some issues as life often throws at ya. Have a good weekend.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Mary Gerdt, Thank's it feels great being home and the A/C is working great. Have a great weekend.

Hi Nancy, Planning on never needing that nasty stuff again. It's okay I've haven't been visiting much myself. Life and issues seem to come up more where living your life. Hope you have a good weekend also. Glad you stopped by:)

Have Myelin? said...

You're the first person I've "run into" that has low blood pressure...I have it too. I take salt tablets (1 or 2 a day) and that takes care of it.

Glad your tests results were good!!!

Sizzler of a summer here as well.

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Have Myelin,
Low and hi blood pressure runs in my family those of us with low BP also have a low normal temp too for me 96.4. Does the salt rise your heart rate, it did mine. It's hot all over it seems. Thank's for stopping by and for commenting try to stay cool and enjoy the weekend.

Mary E Mennenga said...

Hi Mary. Glad you are ok!!!! We just got back from Breezy Point. Had a great time

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Hey Sis in-law, It looked like you had a good time. sorry your Vacation is over :)
Now Ben wouldn't let me out of his sight.LOL