Sunday, April 17, 2011

If my wishes were rainbows that all I would ever see!

So it isn't something I do often, partly because if I did rainbows won't be so special. Because I wasn't feeling the best after the trip to Florida. I'm feeling much better now that what goes in stays in, almost all of the time and eating more solid food, each day is bringing my energy level up.

Now I've never been any good at taking it easy, I always feel I should be doing something. Considering this I'm not as smart as I like think I am. As proof not like I need any more! I pushed myself too hard again and bruised two rib's, smooth move will I ever learn? (A rhetorical question) I will start paying better attention to what my body is trying to tell me. Because the price continues to go up each time, I don't listen and I can't afford it anymore. So with all this down time I've been reading blogs, seeing how other people handle life's ups and downs. Realizing no one is alone in wanting and needing to find new ways to help themselves. Seeing how other people have found way's around similar problems, giving me a different perspective and the ability see options I hadn't realized were there before.  Seeing people who aren't willing to let stumbling block get in the way of living life, instead they turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Like most people I stumble a bit from time to time both physically and emotionally. Finding balance isn't easy for anyone because, life has so many choices that have to be made. With each choice made it changes what the next choices may or could be.

Throughout life things happen that can turn life upside down. All the plans and goals that had been set, need to be adjusted life becomes complicated. Feeling out of control of what is going to happen next, no matter who you are it gets to everyone no matter if it's big or small. How each person  chooses to handle it, isn't open for debate, each person will decide what's the best way for them to move forward. All anyone else can do to help is to support them.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed it's true, your not a very good writer. You manage to get your point across once in awhile.