Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is a smile?

It's the sunshine from the inside shining out. It's a choice made by how we choose to look at our darkest moments. So smile and share some sunshine and maybe someone will share theirs with you.

It's been so cloudy here lately, well seems like it anyway. Jane is like many if she doesn't see enough sunshine gets a bit cranky. I like sunshine yet I understand, it's still shining even if I can't see it! So when she said "Are we going to see any sunshine today?" I told her Yep! Asked her to look and I smiled at her, saying a smile is sunshine from the inside shining out! So she got a little sunshine and shared some with me, she is still in a good mood! A very good thing for me! Grumpy people just need help seeing things from a different perspective.

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