Monday, July 22, 2013

Faith in Grace

My perspective of what Faith means. Faith is simple it can't be seen only felt, it’s personal, learned and gained over time. It’s in my heart I trust to be the truth. History also plays apart in what I believe like; knowing the sun will rise and set each day was a start. That I will fail, yet I will continue trying until I find my balance. Making many mistake is one thing, learning from them is another and a choice only I can choose to make. No matter what I do or don't do, say or don't say I can't change anyone, it’s a choice only that person can choose to make or not. 

It seems that more than a few are willing to stand in for God by passing judgment onto others. This has been true throughout human history. Painful words continue being used to shame and hurt people that don't fit into the religious belief of the majority like: abomination, perverted, deviant, twisted to name only a few. Some of the statements made by leaders of church’s: You're going straight to hell! God hates you! The Bible the word of God has judged you and should not be allowed live! People like you are bring the wrath of God down on our country because of your sin! Your sin is greater because you are abomination to God. Now I'm only repeating that has been said, I cannot stand in judgment of these words. All I know is it hurts my heart when I hear them.
Thankfully, God has the ability to see my heart and the truth within; I have no fear of judgments made of my faith by man. Instead, I will wait for the one with the qualifications to stand in judgment of me. Until that time, I will continue doing my best to love others as god has loved me. There is no deed I can do to be worthy of God's love, so I take it on faith of God’s grace. 

When my day's on this earth have come to an end, all my questions will have answers either way. 

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