Thursday, June 20, 2013

From March 1st until last week we only had 15 days sunshine!

Now at last Spring has finally Sprung here! Summer comes with all it's heat, of which I'm not a fan. Did benefit from the longer wet spring got a head start growing grass that's really going great, had so much winter grass kill in places I had to start over.
Noticed during our long cold spring, when the sun did come out warming things up a bit, people and pets didn't wasting a moment. Hearing as lawnmowers and  other tools used to regain control of overgrown yards. Nacho barking as his friends walked by, seeming to ask me "Can we go for a walk so they can bark at me as we walk by PLEASE?" Looking at me with his cutest puppy dog eyes, 45% of the time I cave in, really hard not too darn cute! Nacho knows those eyes don't work 99.9% when it comes to my sharing my food or extra treat's, Jane on the other hand is a huge marshmallow. From time to time she'll ask me why doesn't he beg from you? Giving her the look of, you already know the answer! Don't you? The cool part is Nacho knows what it means too. With my inability to speak clearly much of the time, the look works fine!

Having been cool so far this year Nacho and I have been able to go for more walks. Jane wanted to know how far I've been walking with Nacho. So we drove my walking route to Longfellow park. To and from it's 2 miles, Granted I don't always take Nacho all the way to the park. It does explains why my hands and arms, aren't working very well, since they are what supports my weight when I walk. We have many dog and people friends we visit on our way, having a very friendly dog doesn't hurt.
It's nice having sunshine for a change, would like it more if it didn't make it so hot. So far my cooling vest is helping but soon it will not be enough. After a short walk I took my vest off and set it on the floor, needed to rest before I put the ice packs back in the freezer, went back to do that and found Nacho laying on my vest sound asleep! As I was laughing he woke up lifted his head a bit, then laid his head back down closing his eyes and let out a heavy happy sigh and was again sound asleep, next time I'll put a towel in the freezer so he can lay on that instead. Have now mapped out our walks so we will mainly be walking in shade. The windows of time for walking is more problematic because, the best times would be 4 to 6 AM or 9 to 11 PM but the rabbits are active and everywhere and I can't see them as well as he can. Nacho still thinks they are doggy toys he can also eat! No he will not be eating cute little Bunny Rabbits! On to the times with the most shade are 11am to 2pm and 4:30 to 6pm with 3 water and cooling stops. The heat will make our walks shorter. It's been nice not dealing with the heat, all things change so I'll do what I can, when I can. Nacho's thick black coat, make him even less a fan of the heat than I am. Yet he still wants and needs to go for  walks, between Jane and I he will get all the walks he needs. It's really great seeing people smiling again!

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