Monday, April 15, 2013

The knot that is M.S. to me.

M.S. can knock me down, tie me up in knots, in one form or another. How I see M.S. is in the form of a knot
Orange for m.s.
White for faith a cure will be found
Red for love and understanding we share
Yellow for the friendship we have for each other
Green for the money needed for research
The last color would be gray, for the lack of understanding and compassion of some people.
This is just the way I see it, people are aware of M.S., yet lack the knowledge of how it affects, each of us in many different way. a knot for me works better to explain what M.S. means to me.

M.S. tied in knot with parts of life a bit out of focus.

Trying to hide it rarely works for long.

The knot tightens.

How it looks to me.

   With all the different ribbons being used today orange has many meanings. This is my first go at the knot that is M.S. your thoughts on this are welcome, not sure where this is going yet it maybe dumb I don't know for sure. I'm working with string first easy to work with, at little cost and reusable for other things too. Thinking out side the ribbon. 


Mary Gerdt said...

I love it! You might want another red string mirroring the current one=like dNA model, crossing,entwining like hearts. We need more than one heart to survive,balance.White is also for surrender, essential since fighting takes so much energy. Cool! best wishes, Mary

Karen said...

I love this!!

Mary K. Mennenga said...

Thank's so glad you do. The DNA needs work, I had forgotten about surrender thanks for reminding me. Hope your having a good week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary I enjoyed your explanation of MS with using a "knot" very creative & I enjoyed your article. All the best to you~