Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 19 2013

A winter wonder land that thankfully will not last LONG!

Are we going to play in that white stuff!?! I really love that white stuff you call SNOW! 
By the way! You're taking too long, you know what happens when,

All this snow will melt in less than a week, the faster it melts the warmer we get!

The roads are already starting to melt.

It should bounce back I hope. We had very wet snow, last night the temperature dropped below 29 degrees and when it's frozen even heavier.

Thought this crap was done!

Asked Nacho if he wanted to come back outside with me. Gave me this look and laid down guess not! Where I came back in he was sound asleep, Mr. Owen was asleep on the bed.

I'm waiting to put away my shovels until after I've cut the grass. We have had snow as late as May 17th. Last year I wasn't able to plant my garden until the first week of June. Whatever the weather brings, I'll work around it, living in Minnesota it's one of those things, we learn about at a very young age!

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Karen said...

It's snowing here tonight!