Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jane's vacaction and mine too.

After our trip 2 years ago in Florida and spending much of that summer recoving from too much heat and sun. Going in the end March, didn't sound like fun to me. Jane is having a great time in Florida with her family, enjoying fun in the sun and some heat. She calls and checks in with on me making sure; I'm eating, taking care of Nacho, the list goes on last one is have you fallen? Saturday I did five point landing elbows, knees and Shannon Nacho's girlfriend, who jumps her owners fence a lot, working her way to Nacho. When I let her in the two took off to play, or so I thought until I saw them racing back towards me, Shannon slipped on the ice running into me and down I went down. A few bruises, good thing is she not getting as close me.
This is Shannon

Nacho and Shannon
The two them will play together for hours.

Nacho and I are going for walks hanging out in the yard, enjoying temps in the 30's and 40's with sunshine. The snow and ice are finally melting away, a bit muddy better than ice locked standing water and mounds of ice, snow at every corner. Easter was a nice spring day not a cloud in the sky, temps made it into the upper 40's. Feeling good I decided to take Nacho for nice long walk, as good way to spend such a nice day. Without the mountains, hills of snow, lakes locked in by mounds of ice. Made walking easy for the first time, in almost 5 months. As I picked up pace, Nacho ran ahead stopped started smelling guessing he was checking if any of his friends were around.after I walked passed him, he ran ahead again repeating this all way to the park. Yep too far too fast legs giving out,  walking back home was slower and needed to stop a few times. After making it home I gave Nacho a treat he smelled it got a drink of water, walking past his food dish as he went jumped in bed a was fast asleep in no time. Wish I could do that too! My legs and elbow were hurting too much for that, needed to fix that before I laid down with Nacho, after I got my legs working and iced my elbow I laid down with Nacho. He gave a heavy sigh I didn't sleep, for shortly after I got in Nacho moved beside me wanting to be petted then wanted to play. The bed is not a playpen and PILLOWS are NOT stuffed toys for him!! To take the stuffing out of them!!

Jane and John came back from Florida on Monday, Nacho was very glad to have her back, his greeting stopped her and he wouldn't let in until he was done welcoming her home. Jane is very glad she took a few more days off after her trip because, she needed a vacation to recover from her Vacation. LOL She is happy to be home she spent her first day back sleeping. It's great having her back I did enjoy having the whole house to myself, it also reminded me how much she helps me every day.


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